Tips to Find the Best Hair Transplant Clinic in LA

Hair Transplant Surgery has undergone innovative changes over the last five years. With urbanization, more and more hair surgeons are coming into existence to meet the demand for hair transplant and restoration. Especially in Los Angeles, there are many hair transplant clinics that have been established so far. So, it may seem like a challenge for you to find the best hair transplant Los Angeles clinic to restore your hair back. Read the full article to know more. 

Methods in Hair Restoration

There are two main methods involved in hair transplant. These are Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Both techniques are highly effective and offer a guarantee for the complete success of hair transplants. Both the techniques are offered by almost all the hair transplant Los Angeles clinics.


In the FUT method, a strip of skin containing hair follicles is removed from the donor area of the head, usually the back of the head. FUT may be painful for some people. However, FUT is more successful than FUE as it promises long-term benefits.


In the FUT method, the donor hair is collected by shaving the donor site and implanting the individual hair follicles one by one to the bald site. FUE is considered in most of the cases as it is less painful than FUT.

Things to ask your Hair Transplant Surgeon

Remember to go through a thorough investigation about the clinic and surgeon from which you want to have the hair transplant. 

1. You should ask your hair surgeon for the photos of the previous hair transplant patients. Make sure the photos are clicked at the same angle, with the same background and proper lighting conditions. This ensures that there is no hindrance while you try to find out the results for the transplant surgery. Remember to ask for the photos of the front and back of the head. But keep in mind that the photos may be edited, and you have to check whether the photos are real or not.

2. You can request the names and contact information of the previous patients that attended the surgery and ask about the experience they had.

3. Fix a meeting with the patients who had similar problems with the hair as you are having and find out if the surgery was successful.

4. Ask some relevant questions from the hair transplant Los Angeles clinic, like the time for the surgery, the time to see results, the cost of the treatment, and the success rate of the surgery.


So far, we have studied some of the facts that you should consider before getting a hair treatment from any hair transplant Los Angeles clinic. Just go through a brief research about the hair transplant clinic first before taking any action.

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