Tips to Get Your Australia and Canada PR Visa with Immigration Experts Australia

When you want to settle in countries like Australia or Canada and you are very keen, willing to process your visa at a faster pace. Just in case of temporary visas, you will not be able to do anything but rather depend on the employer to complete your job-related formalities. But if you want a speedy delivery and processing of visa, then immigration experts in Australia will be the right choice for you. When it comes to processing of PR visa, the key is in your lock always. Permanent resident visas of the countries like Canada and Australia are granted on the basis of the point-based system that can be score under the respective immigration system. These points are affected by time, work experience, age, education, spouse skills etc. and these all factors affect the success of the visa application once a person will file for the immigration process. Even to run the process smoother and at a faster pace, there are many important tips that visa immigration experts’ follows:

  • First of all, apply at the right and perfect time– Time is considered as the most crucial factor during PR visa application, which every applicant worries while filing for the visa to either of the countries. Under these applications can be affected because of many reasons such as


  • Age- During application, if you are young then you will be more successful because the countries like Australia and Canada have a high demand for young professionals to get great career prospects.
  • Peak Months- The best months to apply for Australia immigration is in the months of February and July. Applications during these months are associated with higher success results.
  • Intake Periods- Many states migration programs have specific intake periods of state nomination applications which results in quicker and more improvement chances for quick visas.


  • Enhancing Scoring – There are some points based framework where candidate’s eligibility for successful international permanent residency status depends on how well you score under the points-based system. There are some conditions for that.
  • Improving qualifications- The best and the easiest thing you can do is improve the qualifications through this point based system. For instance, if you are graduate then it is possible that you can increase your score and preferences for selection.
  • Boosting Work Experience- High work experience candidates get good points under Canada and Australia’s point-based system which will improve your work experience.
  • Getting Expert Advice – If your efforts are not allowing you to fetch good points and migrate to the country then, you surely need govt. approved immigration agents Australia who will help you out with your application process. In such a case, you will have hands-on experience while getting thousands of visas processed.

Easy Immigration to Canada with Best Immigration Consultants Canada

Countries like Australia and the UK are limited to a few numbers of immigrants; henceforth Canada is always set to welcome the huge number of permanent residents. The goal of Canadian Government has come up to an effective process that requires submission of interested candidates with Federal Skilled Workers Program, the program was giving priority for 6-7 years of staying previously but now it has changed from 6-12 months.  

With best immigration consultants Canada, you can get qualified under various criteria:

  • An applicant who has employment arranged in the country can send applications to the Canadian immigration office.
  • International students, temporary foreign workers living in Canada at present for minimum 1 year can apply for Canada Immigration Visa.
  • Federal Skilled Workers program can allow qualification through new experience requirements set for ministerial work; they can send applications to CIO in Nova Scotia.
  • Under nominated occupation, applicants can apply for Canada’s 38 high demand occupation for example such as skilled trades, finance, health etc.

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