Tips to Grow Wholesale Vape Supply Shop Sales

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In today’s post-COVID-19 era, shoppers mostly stay indoors. Growing vape wholesale in the USA is now increasingly difficult for vape shops. Then there are also regulatory mandates regulating tobacco usage. The U.S. FDA regulations also define how to start and market a wholesale vape in the USA.

Growing your wholesale vape supply shop sales calls for making several considerations. Let us examine some tips to boost the sales of your online wholesale vapor supply shop.

Product Training Videos for the Sales Staff

The sales staff of any organization must have the latest industry insights and robust product domain knowledge. Boosting vape shop sales also calls for training employees (also via videos) on the particulars of the brands.

Through these training videos, the sales staff would get the confidence to face tough customer questions. Your sales staff would also get the right know-how to heal customer pain points.

Arrange for Live Product Demos via Suppliers

Boost your vape shop sales by asking your vaping wholesale suppliers to arrange for a live product demo at your shop. Conducting on-site product demonstrations at wholesale chain stores also boosts shop sales and educates customers and employees.

Arrange a Concierge for Recurring Clients

If retaining repeat clients who order in large quantities from your online vape shop is on your mind, allow them a personal concierge. Your dedicated concierges would closely attend to this elite clientele of yours, also notifying them about new product arrivals. This approach would cement your relationship with your customer base.

Local Area Cross-Promotional Marketing

Starting cross-promotional marketing in your local area might require you to contact local therapists who have clients wanting to quit smoking. You might want to know if these clients need a smoking substitute solution that your vape wholesale products can offer.

Know the Vaping Journey of Your Customers

It is a no-brainer that no “one size fits all” campaign succeeds in marketing. Focusing on every customer individually and in a customized manner is a must, even more so when customers are merely beginning to vape, compared to veteran vapers.

Review Your Wholesale Vape Supply Shop’s Digital Marketing Strategy

Boost your wholesale vape supplies business sales by timely reviewing the online marketing plan of your wholesale disposable vape business. A prime element is the health of your website.

Assess if your website is or is not SEO optimized per your local area dynamics. Check if organic search results display the pages of your website easily. If you have professional Google My Business, Facebook, or Yelp profiles wherein your customers review your products, regularly read these reviews.

If you market products via online marketing platforms, such as Facebook Groups or Reddit, review them regularly. Encourage and acknowledge customer feedback on your channels as happy customers would bring word-of-mouth marketing to your brand, soaring your customer base. Collecting the email addresses of new customers is vital. Regularly informing your customers about new products or exclusive store arrivals is also crucial.

Apart from the tips to boost wholesale vape supply shop sales, there are other crucial activities that you can perform.

Contact local newspapers and radio stations to develop a rapport with journalists to get cited as a reliable source. Seek active participation in local charity auctions and offer prizes, to positively woo the local community. Seek genuine customer relationship validation by getting photos clicked with loyal customers to develop trust with new customers.

Participate in online forums and groups to increase digital presence. Solve customer queries in online forums to indirectly offer proof of your domain expertise for potential customers. Create product guides and “experience media” content via YouTube videos. Offer free product guide downloads or product brochures (in softcopy and hardcopy) to build relationships and promote your business.

Several stores direct their marketing and branding activities predominantly to male customers. But positioning your brand to a large audience (including women) would render a large customer base for you to tap into.

Identify the fragility of your marketing strategy, be it pricing, promotion, or placement, and keep periodic deadlines to eradicate the weak aspects.

Put customer endorsements on display in your store as social proof of service and product excellence. Tie up with retailers and businesses to source new customers for product trials. Offer discount codes to local call center employees).

In the online world, don’t forget to focus on the physical product placement aspects of your wholesale vape supply shop. The atmosphere of your vape wholesale shop is yours to manage; play soulful music in your shop to have a powerful but subtle impact on customer behavior. The highest-selling or top-margin grossing products in your wholesale vape shop in the USA must be in the direct focus attention point of the customers.

Sales are vital to a profitable wholesale vape supplies business, but sustaining profitability requires healthy margins.

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