Tips To Help the Elderly Use Chairs Comfortably

lift chair for the elderly

lift chair for the elderly

As people get older, simple things become more challenging. This includes finding it harder to get into a sitting position in a chair. It can also be difficult for some elderly people to get back to their feet again. The good news is that there are some simple things that seniors can do to make this process a little easier.

Moving The Chair Into Position

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the lift chair for the elderly is in the right spot. Talk to them about how it has been positioned. Is it too close or too far away? Usually, if they trying to sit down it will be best if their legs can touch the front of the chair. They can then lower themselves into position.

Lowering Them Into The Chair

Once everything has been set up, you can help lower them into the chair. As you are doing this, it’s a good idea to place a hand around their waist for support.

Depending on their condition, they might want to lower themselves into the chair. In this case, you can place your hands together and form a fist. This gives them a clear hand-hold, which they can grip as they ease themselves into their chairs.

Another option is to get a chair that has firm braces on either side. These can act as support when an elderly person is trying to sit down. If they are sitting down themselves it can take a while. But you should avoid growing impatient. For many people, these small tasks are a way of asserting their independence.

Using a Lift Assist Device To Help The Elderly Stand

When it comes time to help them stand up again, it can help to employ elderly lift assistance devices. These work by tilting forward, getting them into the standing position. In many cases, these will have a power function. It can help to lend your arm, so they have something to grip onto as they stand.

Sometimes, standing up can take a lot of energy. Because of this, some people might be a little unsteady on their feet. You can hold them around the waist to steady them. It will often take a few moments for this sensation to pass.

Sitting And Standing Exercises

Being able to sit and stand can get trickier as we get older. This is why some people like to do exercises. These are one of the most effective ways to build the relevant muscles needed to quickly stand and sit. There are a few ways you can do this including; calf raises, seated hip marches, and seated torso twists.


For many elderly people, being able to sit and stand themselves is an important part of their independence. Because of this, it’s a good idea to know some of the ways you can help them stand and sit safely. It might also help to consider lift assist devices for elderly, which have been designed to make sitting and standing less strenuous for seniors.

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