Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Inkjet Printer

Sometimes you might have faced some problems with your printer. And that is perfectly fine. Everything that exists cannot function the same as when it was new, and printers are machines. Just like any other machine, they also need regular maintenance. Lack of proper care can cause rusty gold, and this is only a printer. If you want to save your money in the long run and don’t want to again spend on another printer then take care of the machine, which will protect you from future loss and also give you a better performing and good quality prints.

This article will be about the caring and maintenance of the printer, which will guide you in the routine care of your printer. Let’s find out.

Inkjet Printer

  • Placing the printer

Machines must keep in a proper place. An unsuitable site would not only result in poor performance but also cause a low life.

Keep the printer is such a place where the base is smooth and levelled. It should be spacious enough for the printer. A spacious area would ensure that the surface of the machine isn’t getting worn out with walls or other hard surfaces.

Do proper dusting of the place and avoid keeping it in the position where it may expose to dust. Dust would harm the luster and also may cause clogging. So keeping it in the right place is recommended.

  • Exercise Caution

Now comes the routine of cleaning and maintaining. But before doing any cleaning, make sure you have turned it off and unplugged it from the switch because being safe is more of the primary concern. If one doesn’t take these measures, the user might get an electric shock, or even the wiring of the printer might get disordered causing severe damage to both you and the printer. So be safe and then touch or unscrew any electronic device.

  • Dusting

Regular cleaning is what most suggested. How should one do it? Yes, that is very important to ask. Since it is an electronic machine, one needs to do it right; or get damaged. A slightly damp cloth can be used to clean up the upper surface of the printer, which involves mainly the outer case, the ‘body.’ But don’t use wet or dripping water clothes, that will lead to water getting swept inside the printer, and can cause short-circuit.

For the inside, one can use a lint-free cloth to clean the dust particles, make sure that cloth shouldn’t be dampened. If affordable, a small vacuum cleaner is the best way to clean the printer’s inner side, which will softly suck all the dust.

  • Clogging of nozzle

Another problem that arises is the clogging of nozzles. This problem can be seen not only in the old ones but also in the new ones. This happens when the ink of the printer gets dried up in the nozzle that causes the clogging. If ignored for a long time, this could affect efficiency.

To avoid this, keep the printer in regular use. Don’t let it remain unused for weeks or months.

Try to use it once in a week if you are not a heavy user.

  • Ink cartridge

Ink cartridges are the next point to focus on. There are lots of choices when it comes to ink cartridges. And having the best quality at a good reasonable price is what one needs to do research on. There are two types of cartridge: the original ink cartridge and the other one is compatible. As the name suggested, the former one is made by the ‘manufacturer.’

The original ink cartridge has good quality ink but with little high prices. The compatible ones are cheaper and have almost similar quality as the original.

So if one is into more printing, then the compatible ones would be a great money saver.

  • Paper

The right paper is significant for printing. If the paper is not suitable for the machine and the ink, you cannot get high-quality results. What does it mean by the word ‘right paper’? A paper is suitable when making a good bond with the ink. There is always a good printing paper and a great printing paper.

  • Clean print head

Have you ever noticed a white line in a freshly printed paper? That is because of some problems in the print head, and one needs to clean it up for better printing again. Every printer comes with the manual of cleaning methods to clean the print head, go through the manual, so read them carefully and follow the steps given. It won’t be a big deal to clean it, and any newbie can easily do it.

  • Mechanical errors

Apart from these, if one faces any mechanical errors, which is more likely to be paper jamming, this can easily be solved by the manual. Read the manual guide and follow those steps. Those are elementary steps, and anyone can solve the problem. Else take the help of your friend or someone who knows about printers.

  • Turn it off

When not using your printer, please turn it off. Keeping the printer on for an extended period can cause severe damage to the machine. Printers produce lots of heat while working. And the heat always harms the efficiency of the printer. Heat can also cause wear and tear of other essential parts of the machine and might also dry up the header. Turning it off at a particular time helps it to cool down and maintain efficiency.

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