Tips To Help You Make Your Flooring Compliant With Vastu

It is believed that every element in the house has either a negative or a positive effect on the dwelling. Be it the positioning of the bed, television set, or the location of the bathroom, everything is supposed to be planned and designed according to the Vastu rules to create the right atmosphere. According to Vastu shastra and feng shui, every brick used in the house, as well as the decor, design, and colour, contribute to making your home a joyful place to live.

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Flooring is a very important part when it comes to the decor of the house but it can also be guided by Vastu rules. Flooring, like every other part of Vastu shastra, has a significant impact on the movement of energy. People should pay equal, if not more, importance to the designing of the floor as they pay to other aspects of the house.

When Vastu Shastra is used to determine the right colour, pattern, material, and flooring design, it brings stability and harmony into the lives of the occupants. According to Vastu experts, the entire house should have the same flooring material. This aids in the attainment of financial stability. However, a lot of people choose to go for different materials for different spaces of the house.

Let’s dive into some pointers that can help you achieve those positive vibes for your space.

1. The Use Of Natural Stones
Natural stones are beneficial because their energy fields are stimulated favourably. In comparison to the synthetic option, they also assure consistent supply of energy. A beautiful stone to use on the flooring is marble. It’s not only evergreen, but it also lights up a room and helps to open up smaller spaces when applied in white tones.
White or off-white marble is a terrific choice for dark walls because it balances out the tones and creates a perfect equilibrium. Marble flooring is something that always adds class to any space but it has some drawbacks too. Marble flooring is not always a very cost-efficient option. It is also very difficult to install and maintain.
One way to achieve the marble flooring look with all the perks of convenience is to go for marble look tiles. Marble look tiles give you the exact look of the marble with the benefits of tiles. They are easy to install, clean, mop, and above all, superbly cost-efficient in comparison to natural stones.


2. Creating Soft Spaces
Wooden flooring is ideal for bringing a softer vibe to a living room or dining room. It doesn’t take up too much room while also providing a lot of warmth. Wooden flooring is also an excellent technique to partition space and demarcates zones. The South and East are the finest zones for wood flooring. Keep the walls as light as possible if the flooring is made of dark wood. When wood is used on a staircase that connects two floors, it is considered auspicious because it’s supposed to bring prosperity and growth for the home’s occupants.
Apart from wooden flooring, wood-like tiles are also a great option to achieve this soft look. The wooden look tiles come with a lot of benefits like cost-efficiency and low maintenance. You can use these tiles in your living rooms and kitchens. They’ll look perfect and add that earthy feel to the decor.


3. The Red And Yellows Of The House
Red natural stones, such as Dholpur, or even red bricks, are ideal for usage in the southern zones of the home in small doses. It gives the energy of fire and contributes to the residents’ reputation and fame, according to Vastu rules.
Yellow stones, especially those that appear to be weighty, are ideal for the house’s South West zone. Use yellow stones if you have an open area in this zone, such as a courtyard or a balcony.


4. Say NO To Cracked Floors
Cracked floors are a complete no-no. If there are any cracks, chippings, etc on your flooring, get it fixed as soon as you can as it is believed that it is not good for the prosperity of the house. Fix it if it can be fixed or replace it with some heavy-duty tiles that can handle a significant amount of weight and footfall.

It is not a major 360-degree flip that you have to perform to make your house a Vastu-friendly space. Flooring is an important part of any decor and has a great impact on Vastu as well. Incorporate these slight changes and recommendations and positivity shall grace your place.


Author Bio:
Isha Tandon works as a Digital Content Strategist for Orientbell Limited, a leading tile manufacturer in India. Isha’s knack for understanding audiences helps her create value-driven content for her readers that not only educates and informs but is engaging and interesting to read as well. She creates lifestyle pieces that focus on interior design products, trends and processes. She loves to travel to historic places with rich architecture.

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