Tips To Implement Personalized Patches into Your Fashion

The current personalized patch fashion trend has made the patches popular and demanding. From a sports team to military organizations, everyone has shown their love towards custom or customized patches. Patches come in a wide variety, such as embroidered, PVC, woven, and more. Woven and embroidered patches are one of the traditional ways of showcasing your style or brand name.

Personalized woven patches are the number one choice of many individuals and organizations. Woven patches can easily highlight any image, slogan, and logo of the company. These patches last longer and are made of durable material.

If you are amazed by woven patch designs, there are several different ways you can add them to your style. Continue reading further to get familiar with the tips to implement personalized woven patches into your wardrobe.

Symbolize Your Patch

Individuals buy patches online to highlight elegance, ideas, movements, and more. Patches can be used as a tattoo on your outfits for adding meaning to your attire. The symbol of the patches must connect with the ideas you follow. For instance, if you are a football lover, you can have a customized patch with a football symbol. Whoever is your favorite team, cartoon character, or TV show, you can have it designed on your woven patch.

Size Of the Patch

If you want to look stylish with minimal designs, you can go for smaller size patches. In addition, if you love to make bold statements, you can go for large size personalized woven patches and put them on your dress. A message or an image is always gets noticed on a woven patch if curated precisely. Employ a customized patch company and place an order for your required size of patches.


After you decide the size of the woven patch, it is necessary to understand where to place the patch over the outfit. The placement of a patch is essential as it makes a significant difference in the style. Some remarkable places where you can sew your patch are the back, front area, shoulder, and outfit collar. When you put so much effort into creating your personalized woven patches, it is a must for the world to see it. Thus, choose the right location and paste the patch accurately.

Outfits to Wear Patches with

Denim outfits and woven patches trend go hand in hand. Denim jeans, a jacket, or a cap will look better with a customized woven patch. Bring the classy trend back with your personalized patches on your favorite backing. Patches can be customized on various backings to offer strong support. Buy patches online and wear them with your favorite outfit.

Number of Patches 

You can have one long personalized woven patch and make it a point of attraction to your outfit. Moreover, you can have three or four small patches and use your outfit to canvas for styling patches. It is vital to keep a visual balance in your attire. Thus, it is a must to learn how many patches are essential according to your outfit.


Patches are a great way to transform any old outfit into a new one if you know the right trick. Choose the size, design, numbers, and style of the patches precisely. Buy patches online and make a difference in your attire.

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