Tips to Improve or Create Your Brand’s Look Book

How your products look along with how they feel are two of the major driving factors behind your clothing brand. But before your customers can feel your products and try them on, the appearance of your designs must first attract them. That’s where the look book comes in. A look book is essentially a high-quality catalog for your brand showing off your clothes’ best sides and making a striking first impression on potential buyers.

Working with the best clothing manufacturers is crucial to building out your fashion line. And the best among them, such as full-service clothing manufacturers Indie Source, will also help you develop a stellar marketing plan and look book. This is essential to getting your brand in front of people and driving sales. Here are a few tips to either improve your existing look book or to create your first one.

Choose a Format That Fits Your Brand

There are a few different formats that look books utilize, and part of that can depend on the audience your look book is being created for. For brands selling directly to retailers and specialty stores, for instance, the look book will most certainly include wholesale pricing and styling numbers. A look book made for direct to consumer only brands, however, won’t include these details, but will still serve as a great way to show potential customers how the styles merchandise together and tell a cohesive story.

Some look books are purely digital for online use only while others are printed on glossy paper in a hardback book. Some choose a minimalist approach showing only the products without descriptions, and others have paragraphs describing the clothing, the materials, and the experience of wearing it. The choice is yours, but consider how you’d like to brand your clothing line first and choose a layout and format that speaks to your target audience, be it retailers and specialty stores or direct to consumers.

Separate Your Brand

In the fashion world, brands are everything. Consider that you can buy a plain black T-shirt from hundreds of brands. When products become commodities, it’s the brand and the shopper’s connection to the brand that will drive the sale. Besides showing your products in the best light, your look book is your tool to differentiate your brand from competitors.

Let Your Products Speak for Themselves

Your look book should have your products front and center, but consider who will wear your clothes and when. With real people placed in real-world environments in your look book, you’re helping potential buyers picture how they (or their customers) can wear your clothes, and they’ll start to build a connection with your brand. How your models are posing and the settings of your shots will vary depending on your brand, so make sure that you’ve ironed out your branding beforehand and have a clear vision.

Work with the Experts

The quality of your look book directly reflects the quality of your brand to buyers and customers. For this reason, you should work with professionals in every step of creation. This means you should hire professional photographers, models, designers, and anyone else needed to create a premium look book.

This process can be time-consuming as you work with multiple people and companies, but you can get high-quality work and guidance from experienced professionals in one place from full-service US clothing manufacturers like Indie Source. They’ll help you not only design and produce your clothing line but will also help in the marketing phases and assist you in creating the best look book for your brand.

About Indie Source

Indie Source is among the top clothing manufacturers in the USA as they offer full-service clothing manufacturing to help you go from idea to finished product. They work with a variety of people and brands from individuals with an idea who are new to the fashion industry to established brands. Either way, you’ll receive their full attention as you create your product line together. From development to manufacturing through the marketing phase, you can count on Indie Source to help guide you on the best path forward. The company is based in the fashion district of downtown LA and has an experienced team of designers, domestic manufacturing partners, and in-house fashion marketing experts to help you bring your vision to life.

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