Tips to Increase Mental Math Ability in Kids

It is an irrefutable fact that most school kids are not comfortable with mathematics. Also, even instances where the child panics on hearing the name “Math” are not uncommon. But mathematics is a subject that is extremely important for children, for proper development of the mind. The subject hones the skills related to logical reasoning and analysis.

Whatever might be the precise career chosen in the future, a person compulsorily needs to possess at least the basic mental math ability. This is indispensable for managing several issues in day-to-day life. Thus, kids must be provided proper guidance to ensure that they develop these skills. Here are some related tips for teachers and parents.

• First and foremost, it is pivotal that you make the child understand that mathematics is a subject that is relevant in real life. It’s only when kids are first convinced, in this regard, that they develop an interest to enhance their math ability.
• When you go out the purchase groceries, let your child accompany you. In the store, ask your kid to read the labels on packages, and the prices mentioned and gently tell them to compare the price tags. Seek their advice as to which is the most cost-effective product. Likewise, encourage your child to mentally calculate the total bill to be paid. All these things will go a long way in making sure that math ability gets sharpened.
• Take the help of your child in the kitchen, while you prepare the food items. Let them do things such as measuring the quantities, mixing the various ingredients, and reading out the recipes. In due course and as a result of this exercise kids won’t be impeded in developing math skills.
• Many teachers and parents commit the fundamental mistake of making children learn by rote. This is not a good practice, especially when the subject in question is mathematics. Blind memorization of the steps involved in solving a problem is of no help; the pupil can never understand the actual logic. In these situations, their mental math skills never grow. Hence, if you are serious about improving the skills of students, the above method is best discarded.
• In contemporary times, you will not find any child who is not fond of digital technology. To be more precise, all children love to operate smart devices that are powered by digital technologies. So, the available technology can be put to good use, to make certain that kids develop the required ability. Make the children play games on smart devices aimed at improvement of memory. Learning then becomes a playful activity and the child automatically goes on to develop math skills.
• This is one more significant guideline that should not be ignored. Ensure that the pupil practices mathematics every day. And, here it has to be made sure that the practice is not restricted just to doing the homework. Even after completion of homework, ask them to solve small math problems, at least for a few more minutes. If this is done regularly, children have no hassles in acquiring mental math ability.

Remember, an individual has to develop mental math skills only during childhood. Otherwise, it becomes highly tough for them to learn the related aspects as grown-ups. Thus, it’s imperative that educators and parents meticulously follow the aforesaid guidelines.

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