Tips to Keep your Facebook Account Secure

Facebook is a social media platform that allows you to share your pictures, videos, and articles. With the increasing users, the security concern on Facebook is also increasing. Currently, Facebook contains more than 83 million fake accounts, and more than 600,000 Facebook accounts get hacked every day. That’s a whole lot of security risk.

If you use Facebook, you will never want your account to be hacked by someone as your personal information can be easily shared. So, we are going to share some privacy tips that will help you keep your Facebook account secure.

Manage your security settings

To make your Facebook account safer, visit the Facebook security settings page. Once you are on the Security settings page, click “Account Settings,” then click “Security Settings”and hide all your personal information.

Keep your mobile device protected

One of the best ways to secure Facebook applications is to protect your device. Set a lock screen password on your mobile and don’t share it with anyone. It will help you protect your information by not allowing anyone besides you to access your Facebook account.

Use secure browsing

Always use a secure and trusted browser to open your Facebook account. Secure browsers do not keep your data open, so your account will not be attacked by anyone.

Only add real friends

Many users do not take care while accepting friend requests and accept random friend requests. Once you add somebody on your Facebook friend list, Facebook allows the person to see your personal information, including your name, location, phone number, place of birth, birthday, etc. So, If you don’t know the person, reject the friend request.

Don’t overuse passwords

Generally, most people use the same password for their email accounts, Instagram, Facebook, etc. Using one password for all the social platforms is very dangerous. If anybody gets access to any of your online accounts, that person can access all the accounts. So, using different passwords for different accounts is the best way to secure your Facebook account.

Don’t forget to log out

Suppose you are using Facebook on a public computer or a friend’s phone. Make sure that you log your account out from the device.

Confirm your mobile number

Never forget to add your mobile number with your Facebook account and verify it. It will help you to recover your account even if you forget the password. Facebook sends an OTP for security purposes on the linked mobile number, in case you change the old password. Adding a mobile number is the best way to recover your Facebook account quickly.

Avoid unnecessary links

Clicking unnecessarylinks can be very harmful to security. Your account can be hacked if you click suspicious links. So, beware of it.

Use a strong password

While creating a password for your Facebook account, make sure that your password should contain numbers, special characters such as #,@,$, with upper and lower case characters. The stronger your passwords will be, the more secure your account will be.

Be aware of malicious apps

If you download a malicious app by mistake, delete it immediately. Because hackers use these kinds of applications to hack Facebook accounts. Once your account is hacked, it will be challenging for you to recover it. So, never install any suspicious app.

Use the tips mentioned above, and keep your Facebook account safe.

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Source:- Tips to Keep your Facebook Account Secure

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