Tips to select pole dance wear

The activity for plasticity improvement and body adjustment is known as dancing and one of its most popular forms nowadays is pole dance. It is the blend of acrobatics and physical activity that help in good stretching improvement and also develops plasticity. This dance is graceful having its magnificence hidden not just in skill but in clothes as well selected properly. So here are some important tips for selection of right pole dance wear that can serve to be helpful.

At first, it is important to understand that the body must be in complete contact with the pole when tricks are performed on the pole. For this reason, the pole wear must leave the belly, legs and arms bare. The best option serving this purpose is pole dance shorts and top in pole wear. In spite of looking for the individual preferences, the selection of pole dance bodysuit should be based on dance moves performance convenience. When you select the tops or pole dance shorts then make sure to go for proper size. This is important since movement could get hampered from tight clothes while pole manipulations are not possible in free clothing since its slip from the body.

The skill level i.e. professional or beginner should also be considered while selecting the pole wear. At the first place lies comfort in training. For the beginners, it is advised to avoid leggings, breeches or closed shoulder tops. This is important to avoid the hindrance that these outfits might create in learning the basic movements and elements of pole dance. Special suits that are skin tight are often used as pole dance wear by the professionals that are developed from non-slip material.

The selection of pole dance bodysuit needs special approach for professional dancer’s performances. The artist needs to display best of dance movements, music and costume themed properly, all at the same time. For attracting attention of viewer, it is important to select the pole wear that is spectacular and expressive. While talking of the theme, maximum fantasy must be shown by the dancer and clothing items or bright accessories must be used for image completion. All this must be done taking care of the fact that movement’s execution is not interfered.

The material of undergarments should also be selected carefully for getting desired relief and support. It should therefore be made up of material having enough of breathability and softness while the metallic elements should not be there.

Footwear: Pole wear footwear has one of its most vital attribute. Beginners should preferably go for gym shoes, moccasins, socks or barefoot. Keep in mind while going barefoot that socks should be pulled constantly so that it does not go uncomfortable in absence of shoes. Strips are usually carried on by professionals since well foot fix are allowed by them while offering legs slimming, eliminating dislocation and offering sexier look at the same time.

At present, selection of pole dance wear is creativity element and the above mentioned tips can help with the same.


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