Tips to Send a Heartfelt Congratulations Letter to a Friend

Have a friend who recently graduated, got married, welcomed a new baby, finally got the big promotion, or is just killing it in a big, big way? Now’s the time to party! Along with taking them out for a night on the town, sending them a letter is a super cute and thoughtful way to share in their celebration. Here are a few tips to help you craft a truly heartfelt letter of congratulations.

Get the Right Gear

You don’t need much to write a letter, but since this isn’t just any letter and is meant to share in the celebration of this big achievement, it should absolutely be a party in an envelope. You could choose plain paper—but why settle for plain when there’s tons of cute stationery out there?

They’re gonna remember this special moment for years to come. And when they have a thoughtful letter written by their number one fave friend on beautiful letter pressed paper, you can bet it’s going on their fridge. So, go all out and get all of the things; colorful stationery, envelopes, and even a cute pencil pouch to keep your gel pens in place while you write the perfect congratulatory letter. Only the best for your BFF.

Think Before You Write

It’s easy to get carried away when writing a note and run out of room, and unless you like writing super tiny letters to squeeze it all in at the bottom, you should take your sweet time. Remember, there is no delete button when you write things out by hand, so make sure you plan your words carefully. At the same time, you definitely don’t put yourself in a box either! Just take the time to think about what you want your bestie to know the most and make sure those points are included.

Don’t Worry About Using Fancy Words

Writing a letter by hand can feel kind of fancy, huh? A handwritten letter is pretty special to receive, so it’s no wonder that most of us feel pressured to use big, fancy words like fastidious, extolment, or magnanimous. If you want to soup up your vocabulary, then, by all means, go for it—but try not to force it. After all, you want your letter to sound like it was written from the heart, not the thesaurus—or whatever dinosaur invents words.

But Still, Write Super Nice and Pretty

Even if you’re avoiding fancy words like you avoid your chatty coworker at 4:55 p.m. on a Friday, you should still make an effort to write not only legibly—so your friend can actually read your letter—but also take your time and add a little flair. If you still remember cursive from grade school, now is the time to break it out and add some pizazz to your congratulatory letter. A letter written from the heart should take some time and that’s part of what will make it special. So clear your space, bust out your pencil pouches and gels pens, and thoughtfully compose a message that they won’t soon forget.

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