Tips to use adhesives

Adhesives have made domestic and industrial lives so much easier with quick curing time, excellent capability to join surfaces, leave absolutely zero traces, etc. Few adhesives such as methacrylic adhesives are used in two parts. It simply means that two components are mixed to form the adhesive which is then used on particular surfaces or materials for bonding. Here are few tips on how to use adhesives without creating a mess.


  1. Plastic bonding – Methacrylic adhesive is used for bonding plastics as well as metals. It has excellent adhesive quality with the least curing time. This is perfect for quick action, exhibits excellent properties even at low temperatures, and can be trusted for strength.
  2. Check the measurement – Since methacrylic adhesives have two parts, the measurement for the components is important for fast action and quickest curing. In case the ratio is not correct, the bonding can be weak or not work properly at all. Ensure the ratio of the components to get a long exposure time with outstanding toughness.
  3. Be safe than sorry – Methacrylic adhesives are not toxic. Nonetheless, experts and regular users recommend wearing gloves while mixing the components, applying the mixture on required surfaces, or even checking whether or not it has dried. Moreover, do not touch your eyes after using the adhesive.
  4. Make the surface ready – One of the best properties of methacrylic adhesive is its capability of being an excellent marine bonding agent. The working time is long and its resistance properties are unparalleled. However, experts believe in checking for unnecessary contamination of surfaces. This might extend the curing time or affect the long open time.
  5. Metal bonding – Many adhesives work perfectly fine with plastic bodies, wood, etc. Metals are tricky and cannot be bonded using all kinds of adhesives. Methacrylic adhesive however has a strong viscosity that can bond metals very well. The long exposure time for plastics is the same as that for metals for this particular adhesive. Therefore, it has an extensive industrial application.
  6. Proper disposal – Although this adhesive has low toxicity, to be safe, it is better to dispose at a proper place. Keep it out of the reach of children. For two-part adhesives, it is advisable to store the components separately. The dry and cool place is ideal for storing these adhesives.


Use it with proper care and make sure to wash your hands afterward.

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