Tips to Using Every Shade in Your Makeup Palette

Makeup palettes can be overwhelming. It always seems to offer so much bang with the buck. But the question that arises in our mind is, how often do we use these palettes? How do you know what goes where? If you agree to the fact that, just like us, even you are not sure about using all the shades from all these fancy and glamorous colourful makeup palettes that add up to your beauty collection, you’ve come to the right place. 

Today, we are going to talk about using all the shades from any eyeshadow palette. Let’s dive in deep!

So to begin with, the first step to knowing how to use any eyeshadow palette is to understand your eye shape. Without knowing your own skin it will be very difficult for you to achieve the desired look. Hence, know all about your features, tones and shape before you begin. Once you know about your eye shape, you can work towards getting that gorgeous eye look! 

As you see yourself in the mirror, you’ll see that your eyes are relatively small compared to other features on your face. But there are several areas near and around your eyes where you can apply makeup. 

These areas are brow bone, crease, the area above the crease, outer lid, middle lid, inner lid, lower waterline, outer lower lash line, and inner lower lash line. Once you have figured out all these beautiful areas, we believe you are all set to beautify these areas with cool tones to bright shades from your professional makeup eyeshadow palette and a CLEAN BRUSH!

  1. For hooded eyes: Try using matte colours. Take the best-pigmented eyeshadow palette and keep it light along your lid and let your shadow get darker along your crease. Make sure that all the blending is visible. Hence, bring up your shadow more than you usually do!
  2. Close-set eyes: Use light colours on the inner corners and extend dark colours along with the outer corners. Top it off with mascara, kajal and eyeliner.
  3. For protruding eyes: If your eyes are bulging out a bit. Donn darker matte shades.
  4. Deep-set eyes: Apply light colours onto your eyelids, followed by a darker colour on your crease. 

No matter what eye shape you are blessed with! You can blend multiple colours and make a shade of your own and You can have the full palette to your advantage. Try creating a smokey eye look, shiny silver, and shades of blue.

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