To Save the Surface Phone: Microsoft Fans are Signing a Petition

It’s been a rapid week for the Andromeda Project by Microsoft; it is also known as the quasi-mythical Surface Phone. A source report indicated that Andromeda was a genuine product approaching an announcement, and another one said that it was likely to be dropped.

Now the fans are fighting again and a title of petition named as“Show Microsoft the demand for the Surface Phone or the Andromeda” which was created by the Zachary Hinski on During the time of writing, the petition has combined almost 1,800 signatures. It is not too untidy as considering the petition only went up approximately 22 hours ago, and particularly when you remember that it is not a yet officially confirmed product.

While the title is quite clear, that the explanation of the petition makes the goal very clear:

All fans of the windows phone want from the Microsoft to launch the Surface Phone also called as Surface Andromeda Phone Project which has been leaking out recently with phone screen which can turn into a tablet. They are doing this petition only to know that how many people would buy this phone if the Microsoft would launch it. However, money is power, and if lots of fans want a Microsoft Surface phone like ones in the leaks, then they will need to be forced into the action. And as everyone knows that Microsoft would not be capable of giving a reason for why not they are doing for their investors, and the perfect answer is as it is above money opportunity to miss. They would not mind paying between $799-$999 for this phone if it happened and also looked like the pictures that they have seen from those leaks.

By considering it back-and-forth suggests leaks then the Microsoft has been rather inconsistent on the project, perhaps the Hinski is on to do something. Under $1,000 price might be asking for a lot, and also considering Samsung’s Galaxy X which is a folding phone design and is expected to sell that is very close to $2,000.

Still, the signers are obsessive, and the reasons are provided for signing have also ranged from Windows Phone nostalgia to a love of Surface Brand, to a very real faith Andromeda which could be a game-changing product.

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