Webroot protection Antivirus is quick and easy to download, install, and activation. It updates itself automatically without slowing your system or any down, and you always have the most current protection.

It detects and blocks online threats faster with the Webroot Web Threat Shield. We also warn you about unsafe sites before you click for hamper internet browsing.

Before you begin to start Webroot Installation on Various Devices, Read below

Read the license agreement at the official website.
First make sure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements.
Close all programs that are opened on your computer.
Make sure your computer is connected to the Internet, and having the following browsers- Internet Explorer 7.0 and higher , Mozilla Firefox 3.6 and higher, or Google Chrome 10.0 or higher.
Make sure you have the keycode. which is a 20 character license that identifies Webroot accounts. Your keycode comes in an email message or is listed inside the purchased retail box. If you purchased a multi-user license pack, you can use the same provided keycode to install the software on up to three or five devices as there subscription.
Note- This keycode is associated only with Secure Anywhere that does not include any information related to your computer or its configuration. Webroot Antivirus does not use the keycode in any way to track individual use of its products.

Start the installation process either from a CD or from a downloaded file:
If you are installing from a CD or movable disk, insert the CD into the CD drive. Then an installation dialog opens where you can click a setup link to begin. If the installation dialog box does not appear, use Windows Explorer to open your CD drive content, then double-click the software’s installation setup file.
If installing from a downloaded file, confirm where you downloaded the setup file in Windows Explorer and now double-click the file to start the installation process. Click Run to begin.
Webroot Installation

Download rules for PC work region and PC:

Start with your record on the Webroot Secure online Portal at which you can manage your application contraptions and get to your own one of a kind password that is secure.
By clicking Download, basically just snap on save your record and make, where the item report is taken care of to a System.
Check a report you’ve taken care of far out or in the case you’ve again tap and decide on the record to begin the course of action.
After force, put in your key code. It might be arranged about the back bit of the external process.
Keep examining with rules as they instruct.
Mac Installation

Download headings for Mac work region and PC:

Download the Security Secure Anywhere installer for your Mac PC.
Now tap Webroot Secure Anywhere application to start the webroot present.
Drag the Webroot Secure Anywhere image into the Application link.
Open up the Software link from Double-clicking that Folder image.
From the link, again tap on the Webroot Secure Anywhere image to start the process.
From the First order window, by then put in Your Key-code nearby Simply Just Click on the Activate button option. At the point activate the same when You Go into the Key-code, by then a structure minute Inquires in the event that you’d like allowing Secure Anywhere to make alterations for your system.
To validate the plan, input your Apple system Document and tap on OK.
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