To Turn on Firewall in Mac

Apple’s Mac has a firewall in it, but like Microsoft Windows, it is not enabled by default. Firewall becomes a guard to our system protecting from the threats of viruses and malware. You might be wondering why you need a firewall in your system. Well, the answer to the question is that it monitors and filters the incoming traffic through which harmful software can get access the computer. In case of absence of anti-virus, the firewall protects the computer from getting infected.

To Turn on Firewall in Mac

Mac does not have its firewall enabled by default, hence to keep your system safe, you will have to activate the firewall manually. It is not as hard as you might be thinking. With a couple of steps, you can protect your Mac. All you need to do is that follow the instructions and activate the firewall protection.

Open System Preference from the doc.
Go to Safety and Security and click on it.
There will be options displayed in the window. Firewall is one of them.
Click Firewall and a message will appear saying Firewall is currently turned off.
To activate the firewall, click Start.
Now, click Advanced.
Choose Enable stealth mode.
The stealth mode will make your computer harder to breach.
Now, click OK.
The firewall in your system is active now. You can use your system without losing your sleep over cyber attacks. All that you have to do is keep your firewall enabled until you do not install any robust antivirus in your system. It cannot be denied that firewall protection works efficiently in the absence of antivirus, so do not deactivate it.

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