Tobacco Pipes and Ashtrays: Identifying the Best

It’s crushing to buy a product, head home, use it for a couple of days and eventually find out it was never worth it in the first place. This is possible even with a tobacco pipe, ashtray or any other related product. Yet, getting things right is easy if you’re prepared to do some research on the products that will cost you some money, no matter how little. Again, in your search to find the best, you’ll come across different kinds of trays and pipes for sale. Each boasting unique features that their producers have laced them with. But to get the best, look out for these qualities:

The Material

Pipes are made with so many different types of materials but most people, especially non-smokers think it’s wood through and through. That’s not the case. The fact is the majority of the pipes you see around are made from briar. While meerchaum comes in at a close second. The Best material for a pipe out there is one with excellent airflow, a comfortable system, and size (often thin).

The same goes for ashtrays which can be solid stainless steel, silicone, wood and other materials that help make your smoking experience enjoyable.


How effective are the trays and pipes you have your eyes on? For starters, you want trays that can hold your tobacco or cigarette, keeps unwanted smells away and don’t burn.

Pipes shouldn’t take much effort to enjoy your tobacco. If it does, you’ll have to ask yourself what’s the point of it all.


While it’s true some pipes and trays are rare thanks to material, history or some other features, you do want something that offers value. Quality, style, and finishing are some things to watch out for before paying a dime.


Some brands swear by durability. But you don’t want a situation where that’s not the case. With your pipes and tobacco in hand, you want to always have a pleasant time puffing away with a beautiful tray to repose some ash.

Furthermore, such a pipe or tray should be easy to clean. The stummel and stem of a pipe are taken off to clean properly or to remove stuck tobacco. If the pipe you need doesn’t feel as easy to clean, it’s not worth your money.

Final thoughts

A nice pipe to go with great tobacco and a unique ashtray is a smokers dream. Look out for the best to have a thrilling time.

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