Today’s excitement for riders- Skateboard


Skateboarding is a sport being enjoyed by people and it involves riding and doing tricks on the streets. We can also say it is a recreational activity, an entertainment industry job, an art form. While being on skateboard you should not mind falling down, or bailing, rather you will learn more and you will have fun. Slowly and steadily you learn to nail the tricks more constantly, sure, but remember if you are not taking a risk you will not learn also and this means that you are just coasting along.  People enjoy it to the utmost and we provide it for you. You can go on cruising by taking your best longboard for cruising. There is much long board skateboard shop from where you can purchase any of your choices. Among many Skateboards in the market, one of them is:-

Huntington Hop | Surfskate | OW Checkers | 3’9″ | HST200

Stable, compact and fun

It is excellently designed for surfers. The Huntington Hop deck was exposed down and restyled for its retro style and epic thrash. For better pump and cruise, it has fitted with HST carving trucks. It is for both the beginners and the experienced riders. Riders love it a lot.

Attractive designs encouraged by the eternal Birdwell Beach Britches board shorts being famous by Southern California riders and various lifeguards all over the globe.  The Graphics being used and inspired by Multipanel designs and Birdies Checkers.

In order to get a smart and relaxed ride, it is designed in a wonderful way. Taking turns has become easier than the first generation through HST carving trucks.

Its function

This skateboard acts as a connection between the longboarding to Hamboarding. Though it seems to be same in the length and width, but when we take its weight into consideration along with the HST trucks, which provide an excellent experience to its riders. By using these boards you will explore totally a new world of carving.


The quality is very high in skateboard style. The style is very innovative which enhances the look of the skateboard. The style is in high demand in the market.

Its efficiency

Now, a revolution has come by bringing this stakeboard in the market. Enjoy the streets with great carves. It will become your street surfing skateboard.  Imagine that there is not at all wheel bite, with no rail drag on these boards.


Friendly bare foot grasp along with HST trucks gives a classic and genuine surf feeling. The 62mm 80A wheels and San-O grease bearings enable responsive turns and cutbacks.


It is archetypal surf like feeling provided in a well-known 3’9″ x 10 5/8 board measurement.

One can enjoy very nicely land surfing by using these skateboards. It not only makes you feel enjoying but also after using it you will feel confident. There are skateboards which are made for slalom, for speed, and freestyle. The demand is increasing day by day and customers are highly satisfied after using it.






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