Toilet Hire In Redditch

Toilets 4 Hire Ltd offer fantastic prices for all toilet hire in Redditch. With delivery and collection always completed by our team, we can cater for both indoor and outdoor events, as well any construction sites or temporary facilities where this may be required. With shower hire also available we can cater for all your needs.

We have a huge number of portable toilets available and can always discuss your needs to ensure there are enough toilets available to cater for everyone at your event or site. All our toilets are kept in great condition and cleaned thoroughly before any toilet hire in Redditch. With hire available at competitive prices, we can also make sure this fits within your budget.

Portable Toilet Hire

Our portable toilets are always in fantastic working condition and thoroughly cleaned before being delivered to your location. Our toilets are available on flexible contracts, allowing you to hire for both long and short-term contracts if you require toilet hire in Redditch for large construction projects. There are a number of portable toilet options we have available and we can always discuss your requirements to find the best option for you. Portable Toilet Hire Gloucestershire

As an employer on a construction site, there are several features you must provide for the rest of your employers whilst on the site:

  • Facility to Change Clothing
  • Sinks That Are Large Enough to Wash Faces, Hands & Forearms
  • Soap And Towels for Drying
  • Washbasins With Hot & Cold Running Water
  • Well Ventilated Toilets with Lighting if Necessary

We can help employers meet all these requirements with our toilet hire in Redditch, providing every construction site with these features. This ensures you meet all health and safety requirements and with our toilets being very hygienic, you never have to worry about any other issues. As there is also a number of toilets available, we can ensure there is more than one toilet for your staff so you are not repeatedly using the same toilet every day.

In addition to our toilet hire for construction sites, we are happy to provide toilets for events of any size, having worked on a number of projects in the past. Toilets will always be delivered and set up on time, ensuring they are ready well in advance for the start of an event. We will also offer a full discussion beforehand so we know where you would like portable toilets set up and how many toilets you require delivery for.

Each toilet we provide comes with a hand sink wash basin and consumables. Our toilets are replenished every week by our team to keep it in great condition. With a weekly full servicing, this offers washing, sanitising and a recharge of the toilet so you should not stress about hygiene. As part of our service, we always deliver, install and maintain your portable toilets to keep you fully satisfied and provide clean products at all times. Portable Toilets Cheltenham

In addition to general portable toilets, we also have disabled access toilets, urinals, singular toilets and toilet blocks. All our products are very modern and fully equipped with consumables, giving clients a clean and refreshing toilet for any event. Regardless of your event size, our team will always be able to cater for the number of guests, as well as emptying and replenishing the toilets on a regular basis.

Choose Toilets 4 Hire Ltd

Toilets 4 Hire Ltd was established in 2013 and our team has over 15 years of experience working in the industry and with portable toilets. This ensures we always keep our toilets in great condition, offering the highest level of hygiene with all toilets, as well as fully functioning toilets for any events or sites. We aim to provide a personal touch and with a washbasin, toiletries and regular servicing, you should always be left fully satisfied.

Since our establishment, we have built a fantastic reputation for the services we provide and want to continue growing our client base. Regardless of how many toilets you require or how large your event is, our team are always available for a quick response, delivering and installing any toilets without delay. Our toilets are suitable for both indoor and outdoor events, easy to use, as well as having disabled access toilets available.

Our toilet hire is available at very competitive prices and we will always discuss your requirements before delivery and installation, for the correct number of toilets. With regular servicing, we keep all toilets in great condition and ensure all waste is disposed of, with the toilet being replenished.

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