Token Marketing & Product Marketing

Many crypto startup companies are very enamored by their ideas and plans about token and product development that they forget to answer the most crucial question determining the fate of creation: “How do we sell this?”
There exists a rather simple but meaningful answer, and it is called token promotion.

A finely tuned advertising campaign may lead any project to achievement or failure. Moreover, its effect could be so vital that it outlasts the token sale itself. Look at these tips for an online token promotion strategy that will assist any project to achieve success.
It is certainly worth making investments of money and time now to pressure a token and item to market themselves later.
However, generally, blockchain-based projects target specifically on token advertising, putting item advertising in 2nd place. Let’s differentiate the top features of advertising and explore what works more effectively and profitable.
The Forming Of Community
Token advertising preparation ought to be started 4-6 months prior to the day of the token sale, dependant on the level of affiliates and the existing position of the brand in the market. The active stage lasts between one to five and 2 months. Media teams should be aware of all info about token sales to be able to know just what they are able to and can’t tell customers prior to the headline of a token sale.
Communication Channels
It is strongly recommended to concentrate on crypto-related press resources. Because of this, use go-to social stations just like Bitcointalk, Telegram, and Moderate for crypto aficionados.
Some communities may be not so big; nevertheless, if there are several dynamic followers who are able to spread information about an ICO in crypto communities, it is worth maintaining. Likewise, understand that doing work for quality over quantity could make an ICO actually popular. Sharing the best ideas on channels like Hacker noon, Startups and Bitcointalk is vital for token promotion.
Content Plan Development
Many ICOs neglect to develop a content strategy marketing campaign, since they set up super-high goals, which are clearly not feasible, due to overestimation of the features of the team and too little resources. The simplest way is to create goals, which can be possible to accomplish, and follow them to avoid disappointing yourself as well as your investors, who’ve dedicated their very time and money to be a part of the project. To be very certain of an effective project content plan, you can connect with a token marketing agency before the need becomes serious.
Product Marketing
Everyone understands that marketing plays an excellent role in item advertising – by defining the prospective market and realizing the possible client.

At its key, product advertising drives demand and utilization of something in accordance with customer needs and the industry proposition. This explains why a product will probably be worth watching and just how it is different from the masses.


Bounty Campaign
A bounty program gives benefits for taking part in various types of marketing actions. When introducing something or service, an organization applies, incentivized systems for individuals who wish to get a reward in the type of cryptocurrency or fiat currency. What does this seem to be? An individual performs certain jobs, and gets compensation later on.
To conclude, we can say that every kind of marketing has its exclusive set of benefits and drawbacks, but that doesn’t mean some of them could be ruled out from the advertising campaign of any token marketing project.


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