Tools Big Box Electronics Delivery Needs for the White Glove Treatment

The white glove treatment is now common for most big box electronic stores: For an extra fee, a customer can have not only delivery of their new TV, fridge, or other appliance, but a friendly employee will also install and set up the device or appliance. From hand trucks for delivery to a tool kit for assembling refrigerator doors, here’s what you need every step of the way to provide the white glove treatment for your customers.

Screen Shot 2019-09-24 at 11.11.04 AMTools for a Safe and Efficient Delivery

The white glove treatment starts with standard delivery. For the best results, you’ll want to use material handling equipment to move the appliance or device. Smaller appliances such as microwaves and computer towers will fit on a standard hand truck. Bigger items such as refrigerators or large-screen TVs may need the extra capacity of a heavy duty hand truck, also known as an appliance hand truck. Heavy duty hand trucks have a larger load capacity and can be modified with wings to accommodate wider loads. Be sure to gather as much information from the customer as possible before delivery, such as whether there is room on their street for the truck to park while the item is unloaded installed. If you install WiFi- or Bluetooth-enabled appliances, ask the customer to have their network information ready.

Tools for a Smooth Installation

Once delivered, you will need to unpack and install the item. A box cutter will be essential but be careful not to damage any items inside the box. You will want to have a full toolbox. You will need at least two screwdrivers, one flathead, and one Phillips, though having others in different sizes is a good idea. Also ensure that the delivery truck carries a cordless drill and/or impact driver if employees will be constructing furniture or mounting appliances on walls. Simple tools like hammers and flashlights, as well as carpet protectors and shoe covers are necessary additions too.

Don’t Forget the Setup

After physically installing the device or appliance, it’s time to set it up. Depending on what the customer bought, this could be a very involved process, such as with a new computer. A wireless router system will take less time, and an appliance such as a microwave or refrigerator is mostly set up once it is put together and plugged in. A smart doorbell or thermostat installation may or may not be time-consuming and require the use of tools, but setup after installation is often quick. The point of the white glove treatment is to provide excellent service, and the service is not done until the item is ready for use by the customer. Each case will be different, such as connecting different smart devices to a hub.

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