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Any reputed Cardiff Dentist would say that most people in the UK, especially the young, have shown signs and symptoms of tooth and gum problems. In this day and age, oral health and education are making a lot more improvement than what it was in the yesteryears, but people are yet to acknowledge the importance of the same.

Do you know what tooth decay is?

When the tooth enamel is destroyed (the more rigid outer layer of the teeth), a problem emerges, and this happens because of plaque, say dental experts. What is plaque? It is bacteria, a film it which is gluey and which forms on the teeth. Experts say that any foods with sugars make plaque develop and produce acids that attack the teeth enamel, resulting in tooth decay. Hence, regular checkups are needed, and good oral hygiene must be followed by one and all, say experts.

What does the data say?

According to the esteemed Oral Health Foundation and the well-known Colgate-Palmolive collaboration, four out of five adults across the UK fall into the higher risk category of oral and gum diseases.

The research says that twenty-one per cent of UK citizens lives on sugar diets that are moderate to high, and they haven’t been to a dentist in the last two years as well, and some don’t even brush two times a day- this is what increases the chances of tooth and gum diseases.

NHS Digital did research which says that around more than 9million band two treatments across England are done each year- extractions, root canal work and even filings.

Experts say tooth and gum diseases can have major impacts on one’s life in all forms, and it is one of the most chronic ailments across the UK. But it can be preventable. One needs to be persistent with good oral hygiene, good eating and drinking habits, and have regular checkups with a Dentist In Cardiff.

Tooth decay is widespread

Across the UK, around eight adults out of ten have reported having tooth decay problems, along with gum disease issues, says a report. Some of the clients opt for filling, while others opt for extractions. Even children in the UK have shown a rise in trend when you talk about tooth and gum problems, tooth decay especially. This is what Orthodontist Cardiff experts have noticed.

Any reputed orthodontist in Cardiff will help you identify the risks associated with tooth decay and how to check when the signs and symptoms emerge for the same. They would give you proper tips and advice on preventing the same at the early stages. You have to be very wary about your lifestyle, eating and drinking habits and have less or moderate amounts of sugar in your diet. Yes, please visit any Orthodontist in Cardiff if you notice any tooth and gum problems. It is always better to be early with it than suffer at a later stage.

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