Top 10 Amazing Places To Visit In Madinah

According to Islam, Madinah is the second holiest city on Earth. It may be found in the western part of Saudi Arabia, 400 kilometres north of Mecca. Annually, during the Holy Hajj and Umrah pilgrimages, millions of people from all over the globe make the journey to this holy site. They want to see everything of significance in Madinah throughout their vacation. Pilgrims and visitors alike can find enough to do in the city beyond visiting its sacred sites. Let’s look at some of the most important and famous places you can visit during the last 10 days of cheap umrah packages 2023 in Madinah.

1. Al-Masjid An-Nabawi: When the Holy Prophet went from Makkah to Madinah during the first year of Hijra, he constructed the Prophet’s Mosque, also known as Al-Masjid An-Nabawi. The vivid green dome in the southern part of the mosque marks the location of the burial of Prophet Muhammad. After the Masjid-e-Haram in Mecca, this is the most popular place of worship for Muslims across the world. The mosque is a major stop for the millions of pilgrims making the trek to perform the rites of Umrah and Hajj. It does not matter what time of day or night it is; it is always open.
2. Quba Mosque: The Quba Mosque was constructed in the town of Quba, which is located 6 kilometres from Madinah. Some scholars have suggested that this mosque dates back to the 7th century CE, during the lifetime of the Holy Prophet. After the Prophet’s Mosque, this one is Madinah’s biggest.
3. Masjid al-Qiblatayn: The Holy Prophet was directed to move the prayer direction (Qibla) from Jerusalem to Makkah at the Mosque of the Two Qiblas (also known as Masjid al-Qiblatayn). Sawad bin Ghanam bin Kaab constructed this mosque in 623 CE, and it is notable for being one of the rare mosques with two mihrabs.
4. Jannat-al-Baqi: One of Madinah’s earliest cemeteries, the Garden of Heaven, is also called Jannat-al-Baqi. Hazrat Imam Hasan Ibn Ali (the Prophet’s grandson) and Hazrat Fatima-al-Zehra (one of the Prophet’s daughters) are buried here (his daughter). It’s widely believed that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) himself selected this area for a graveyard.
5. Mount Uhud: Mount Uhud, located just about 4 kilometres from the Prophet’s Mosque, is a significant Islamic monument since it was the location of the Battle of Uhud in 625 CE. Near the battlefield is a cemetery where those who sacrificed themselves during the conflict are laid to rest. Among the 70 victims buried, there is Muhammad’s uncle Hamza ibn Abdul Muttalib.
6. The Desert of Saleh: One of the most stunning sights in all of Madinah is this desert. Many artwork and inscriptions exist on the walls of the enormous tombs and cemeteries. Being the best-preserved remnants of the ancient Nabataean Kingdom, this monument is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a popular tourist destination in the city. It’s a must-see in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and just south of Al Nafud.
7. Wadi e Jinn – Al Baida: The mythical valley, located just 41 kilometres from the city, has a mysterious impact on vehicles, causing them to continue forward without the driver’s input. Some locals have reported hearing what they assume to be Jinn-related noises, further supporting the widespread belief that the area is imbued with magical energy. Geologists, however, label this as a phenomenon of reverse gravity.
8. Yanbu Beach: This stunning beach is located in Yanbu-al-Bahr, a port city about 120 miles from Madinah, and is well-known for its beautiful scenery, exciting water sports, and tranquil atmosphere. Visitors may do jet skiing, scuba diving, or sailing, or they can see the remains of the historic fishing villages. It’s a central shipping hub and a great place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.
9. Al-Madinah Museum: A museum of this kind has never existed in Madinah until now. In addition to its extensive collection of Islamic artefacts, the museum also has rare photographs of the city as well as visual art galleries that explain the history of Islam. The museum has almost 2,000 artefacts showcasing the Islamic world’s illustrious history.
10. Al Noor Mall: Nearly 150,000 people visit this mall every single week. A wide variety of clothing is available, from modern Armani suits to classic Arab garb. In addition to its many restaurants and stores from across the world, this shopping centre also has Spark’s Family Entertainment.
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