Top 10 Benefits When Using H13 steel

H13 is one of the grades of high speed steel. A high speed steel is type of tool steel alloy which lives up to its name. Compared to the traditional high carbon steel which was used for cutting metals, high speed steel is a substantial improvement in that regard. It has outstanding hardness, resistance against wears and abrasions and does not melt or soften when exposed to high temperatures. This is mainly due to the heat treatment that high speed steel undergoes during the manufacturing procedure. H13 being one of the grades of high speed steel has all the excellent qualities of the tool steel. The grades are made in order to mark certain unique features of a particular grade that gives them benefit over others. H13 tool steel falls under the category of H steel and is widely used for hot work tooling applications. Tool steel suppliers in India suggest using H13 for shrunk rings, forging dies etc. The exceptional properties of H13 tool steel make it very popular and demanding across several industries.

  1. Fatigue resistance – H13 steel can be used endlessly and there would be zero chances of fatigue affecting its efficiency. It has a sturdy body and outstanding fatigue resistance which makes it a better choice compared to other tool steel used for the same purpose. 
  2. Benefits due to its properties – Steels such as H13 are especially designed to endure tough and impossible conditions such as high pressure, excessive heat and endless wears which are very common in most of the production units. Besides, the conditions under which H13 is applied are also not easy and creates thermal and mechanical pressure on the metal. 
  3. Few noteworthy areas of application – Shearing, shaping metals and punching are all done under harsh conditions and H13 is an integral part in all these procedures. Therefore, using H13 in such cases has a clear benefit. 
  4. Air hardness and perfect percentage of alloy – Due to the unique features of air hardness and impeccably balanced ratio of alloys in H13, there is minimum to zero distortion during hardening. Most of these steel consist of less percentage of carbon and alloy. This helps in smooth and hassle free cooling whenever it is required. 
  5. Use in thermoplastic dies – H13 is an ideal choice for thermoplastic dies. This is because of its efficiency to cool rapidly from extremely high temperatures without chances of damage to its mechanical properties. Such drastic change in temperature also does not send H13 steel to a sudden shock and end up being brittle. Brittleness in metals is a huge problem because it directly affects the manufacturing cost. 
  6. Other applications – H13 is quite in demand in other places, such as – vacuum smelting, vacuum cleaning, furnace processing, powder spraying, electro slag re-melting and many more. 
  7. Exact physical properties – Melting point and density of steel are also significant in order to understand its capability. H13 steel has a melting point of 1427 degree Celsius. Density is 7.83 g/cm3 sharply at 20 degree Celsius. 
  8. Mechanical properties – According to the Tool Steel Suppliers in India, H13 exhibits various reactions when heated. Area gets reduced by 50%. Modulus of elasticity is 215 GPa at 20 degree Celsius. Poisson’s ration remains between 0.27 and 0.30. Tensile strength range varies from 1000 to 1380 MPa and 1200 to 1590 MPa. 
  9. Advantage of using H13 over other grades of high speed steel – H13 provides excellent stability, exhibits strong and long lasting color, outstanding metal hardness and others. It offers high endurance against high temperatures and does not easily soften or melts. Due to the kind of application H13 is generally used for, the steel has to undergo massive change in temperature. However, it also offers fantastic mechanical and thermal shock resistance properties. 
  10. Opportunity for further improvement – H13 can be further improved through surface treatment process. This will add extra features to its existing mechanical properties. 

H13 steel is one of the best available high speed steel available in the market. Benefits of this steel has been ensured by tool steel suppliers in India.

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