Top 10 CNG Hatchbacks in India

A weekend getaway or a quick drive to work, a hatchback is considered forever the most convenient form of transport of all. A hatchback is the hottest selling model among the multitude as the prices of hatchbacks are more or less very competitive and the styles in which they come are even very attractive. Still, for the people who desire to acquire a hatchback and are confused whether to choose Chevrolet Beat or Tata Indica EV2, this review is a must-read.


The Top 10 Hatchbacks in India:

In our country, certain cars can run smoothly and certain, well would need definite modifications. Based on the functionality and the features that are installed, the top 10 hatchbacks are listed below:


Chevrolet Beat:

The chief position would go to Chevrolet Beat, a hatchback, which has gained a lot of popularity. The design, style, interior and exterior, almost everything is worth the price. The high strength of steel at primary areas of the body makes it a top-grosser. The body-frame integration results in smooth drive and convenience. The elaborate headlamps, which stretch to the hood of the car, the classy looks, adjustable headrest and automatic temperature controller is what makes this the best amongst hatchbacks.

Ford Figo:

The next one to make it to the top 10 is Ford Figo, with chic looks, three-stroke power engine, and grand exteriors only found in sedans, makes it a very preferential one among the hatchback buyers.

Maruti Swift:

The third in line is our own Maruti Swift. As many steadfast customers swear by the brand name Maruti, this one was predicted to be a hot cake even before its launch. The exclusive exterior, the mileage to this hatchback, but sadly, the petrol version does not match other hatchbacks and has forced people to move to other models like DZire.

Nissan Micra:

Nissan Micra was launched as a small hatchback few years back and has been getting rave reviews for its fuel efficiency and low maintenance costs. However, limited dealers in India have restricted the business in India.

Maruti Ritz:

Maruti has launched its latest petrol version of Maruti Ritz this year and this model has come with over 52 new features starting from a stylish new front fascia, multi-information display on the panel. Since this new variant is newly launched to improve on the previously launched Ritz, hence there are hardly any wants in this model.

Tata Indica EV2:

The next in the ranking is Tata Indica EV2. If there is ever a single fuel-efficient car, which can give every other hatchback a run for its money, it is this. It is considered ideal for long drives, but the limited leg space and cargo space and plain interiors almost snatch away the glory of this trusted brand.

Tata Indica Vista:

Tata Indica Vista is one of the products from the same brand name Tata, which has been around for quite some time now. It has over 4 engines and one transmission option.

Skoda Fabia:

The launch of Skoda Fabia has been with tremendous fanfare and has received resounding success too.

Fiat Punto and Toyota Etios Liva:

The other hatchbacks, which deserve mention in this race to the top are Fiat Punto and Toyota Etios Liva. They are now gaining ground and have already garnered lot of public attention in the last year for their real sleek design and breathtaking interiors.

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