Top 10 creative ways to repurpose jewelry


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Old jewelry doesn’t have to be kept in the drawer. It can be redesigned into a nice and attractive one. You look for a reputable designer to repurpose jewelry and have a collection that suits your style and taste.

Many ideas exist on how you can repurpose jewelry. But before you begin the process, get a budget and the perfect choice of a jewel you want to be redesigned if you have a collection of items. Do you seek to repurpose jewelry? Get on board with the ideas below.

Creative ideas to repurpose jewelry

  1. Vintage decorated lampshades

Are you seeking to give your room another new perfect look? You can repurpose jewelry into a fantastic lampshade. Those beautiful gems you no longer use can add a dash of glamour to the lampshades and the general room’s décor.

  1. Repurposed shoe clips

Do you have that footwear that you will wear every day without getting bored? You can give them a fresh look with your old jewelry as clips. It’s even easier to attach such clips at home to have a significant impact.

  1. Embellish your storage items.

Did you get those small storage boxes in your room? It’s easy to embellish them with old jewelry or the broken ones in your collection. Such embellishment will increase your dash on style in the dresser. You don’t have limits if you seek to repurpose jewelry and beautify items in your possession.

  1. DIY bracelet

Bracelets are fashionable jewels you should always have in your collection. Do you have those old necklaces you don’t wear? Talk to your designer to repurpose jewelry into a DIY bracelet. You will have a fantastic new jewel.

  1. Incorporate your precious stones into your new pieces

Let us assume there is a beautiful birthstone in your old collection, and it’s the only reason you can’t throw that jewelry away. Take the bold move and repurpose jewelry by plucking off the birthstone and adding it to your new piece. That birthstone can even make a fantastic pendant necklace.

  1. Repurpose jewelry into bookmarks

You got a terrific idea by changing your old jewelry into bookmarks. It may be earrings, necklaces, or old brooches. They can become awesome bookmarks through the use of a ribbon.

  1. Refashioning

Vintage jewelry never goes out of style. But jewelry doesn’t last forever. Your beloved jewelry will appear worn out with time. Through refashioning, you can give that old jewelry an excellent and new lease on life.

  1. Beautiful artwork

It’s easy to repurpose jewelry into beautiful artwork. That old jewelry can turn your photo frame into an attractive item in your room. Just try it.

  1. A jeweled Christmas tree

This is another beautiful idea to repurpose your jewelry. A jeweled Christmas tree will retain that special affection you have with old jewelry.

  1. Jeweled drawer pulls

Don’t throw away those broken and old jewelry. Just repurpose jewelry into attractive drawer pulls. You will get something unique you won’t get in the shops.


Old jewelry has excellent value. Repurpose jewelry instead of throwing them away. That way, you will have something attractive. You got many ideas above to repurpose your jewelry.


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