Top 10 Safety and Hygiene Tips for Face Painting

Let your kids discover their artistic talents by allowing them to paint faces. Face painting is a fun activity that your children can do indoors. If you’re looking for ways to keep them from getting bored and into all sorts of mischief, then keep them busy with face painting kits. Here are the top ten safety and hygiene tips to know before you give this a go.

Face Painting Kits

Use the Right Paints

Makeup for adults may be too harsh for your children’s skin. Look for options that come with non-toxic labels. Is it suitable for kids? Shop around until you find options that fit the bill, The Kind Tips says.

Check Online

Find reputable sources for face makeup online. That’s one way to ensure that you’re getting safe, FDA-approved products.

Ditch the Glitter

If you only have plastic glitter around, skip that. Shop for cosmetic-size glitters that you can use for the face, the Spruce Crafts says. Made from polyester, you can use these for kids without fear that they’ll end up with irritated skin.

Clean the Tools

Whether you or your kids use the kit and tools, make sure you keep everything clean. Always wash the brushes and sponges after every use or session to prevent any skin allergies.

Don’t Use Alcohol

Alcohol isn’t the right sanitizer for your brushes or sponges. If there are traces of alcohol left behind, that can lead to pain when the sponge or brush comes in contact with sensitive spots like the area under the eyes. Wash them properly with water and soap.

Let Them Dry

Don’t use the sponge or brush while they’re still wet. That will affect the consistency of the makeup and can lead to a mess. It may also take longer for the paint to adhere to the skin. Have plenty of extras so you can use those instead of waiting for your sponge and brush to dry.

Wash Your Hands

Hand-washing is a must. Baby wipes can help too but washing with soap and water is still the best. However, wipes do come in handy when you need to correct details or mistakes.

face painting kits

Avoid Head Lice

Keep your hair pulled back. A lot of kids have lice, so it’s a good idea to keep your hair back from your face to prevent lice contamination as much as possible. If you’ve got long hair, pull it into a ponytail, away from your face. That helps keep lice away and keeps you looking tidy.

Test Them

No matter how good the product is, your child may still be allergic. Check by applying a small amount on the back of your child’s hand or on the inside of his/her elbow. Monitor for any allergic reactions for two days before you proceed.

Avoid Pimples

If there are rashes or open wounds on the skin, skip that area. Don’t try to paint over that. The brush will only aggravate the rashes or sores. You can suggest painting over the back of the child’s hand instead.

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