Top 10 ServiceNow Interview Questions

1) what’s ServiceNow?

ServiceNow may be a cloud based IT Service Management (ITSM) tool. It provides one system of record for:

IT services


Business management

All aspects of IT Services sleep in the ServiceNow ecosystem. It gives us an entire view of services and resources. this enables for broad control of the way to best allocate resources and style the method flow of these services.Refer this link to understand more what’s ServiceNow?

2) what’s an ‘Application’ in ServiceNow?

Applications in ServiceNow represent packaged solutions for deliver services and managing business processes. In simple words it’s a multitude of modules which provides information associated with those modules. for instance Incident application will provide information associated with Incident Management process.

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3) what’s full sort of CMDB and what’s it?

CMDB stands for Configuration Management Database. CMDB may be a repository. It acts as a knowledge warehouse for information technology installations. It holds data associated with a set of IT assets, and descriptive relationships between such assets.

4) what’s LDAP Integration and its use?

LDAP is Light weight Directory Access Protocol. you’ll use it for user data inhabitants and user confirmation. ServiceNow integrates with LDAP listing to streamline the user log in process and to automate the creation of user and assigning them roles.

5) What does one mean by data lookup and record matching?

Data lookup and record matching feature helps to line a field value supported some condition rather than writing scripts.

For example:

On occasion forms, the priority lookup rules sample data mechanically. Then, set the incident Priority supported the incident contact and importance values. Data lookup rules allow to specify the conditions and fields where they need data lookup to occur.

6) what’s CMDB Baseline?

CMDB Baselines will assist you , understand and control the changes made to a configuration Item(CI). These Baselines act as a snapshot of a CI.

7) the way to enable or disable an application in ServiceNow?

Following steps will assist you do the same:

Navigate to “Application Menus” module

Open the respective application.

Set value for full of zip as ‘true’ to enable it or set it to ‘false’ to stop it.

8) what’s a view?

View defines the arrangement of fields on a form or an inventory . For one single form we will define multiple views consistent with the user preferences or requirement.

9) what’s ACL?

An ACL is access control list that defines what data users can access and the way they will access it in ServiceNow.

10) What does one mean by impersonating a user? How it’s useful?

impersonate a user means giving the supervisor access to what the user would have contact to. This includes an comparable menus and modules. ServiceNow records the manager behavior when the user impersonate another user. This feature helps in testing. you’ll impersonate that user and may test rather than logging out from your session and logging again with the user credentials.

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