Top 3 Most Commonly Abused Drugs

Drug abuse is one of the ugly truths of America. There are many reasons young people abuse drugs like peer pressure, loneliness, availability, need for belonging, etc. It also doesn’t help that many drugs are readily available in the area. Drug abuse can easily take away precious years of a person’s life. Many people have also died or were in a critical situation due to substance abuse and drug overdose. One needs to be very careful if one is on the road to sobriety. The best way to do so is to enroll themselves in sober living for men and women in Lexington, Kentucky, where they will come across people undergoing the same battle.

There are many types of drugs available in the market, but there are few drugs that most people use for drug abuse. These drugs are usually readily available in stores, and some of them are legal in the state; due to overuse of these drugs, people are often forced to search for sober living facilities near me to get the required help. Some of the most commonly abused drugs are mentioned below-

1.    Tobacco addiction (nicotine)

Nicotine addiction takes time to develop, and the after-effects of tobacco can be seen in later stages of life. In the beginning, tobacco and smoking can be the key to fit in social groups like in many corporate offices, there is a separate corner for smoking and is even devoted to smoking. For some people, it is a form of de-stressor and acts as a source to alleviate headaches and emotional pain.

However, the effects of nicotine addiction are seen in later years when the mouth, windpipe, and lungs are heavily damaged. It is one of the most severe addictions to fight, and one needs to be in touch with their doctors to get rid of the addiction. According to a study, over 35 million people have faced nicotine addiction at least once in their life.

2.    Methamphetamine

Many people might not know what methamphetamine is, as it is widely known as meth in general terminology. It is an ordinary party drug whose crystallized form is also called “ice” or “glass”.  It has a severe impact on the brain and heart.

It is widely known fr its ability to increase euphoria, arousal, happiness, and excitement. Meth also provides instant energy and is one of the best drugs for getting high. But the consequences of regularly consuming meth are severe both in the long run and in the short run.

Meth leads to an increase in restlessness and anger; the short-term effects of meth include itching, emotional problems, tooth decay, etc. The long-term meth problems include severe damage to the nervous system, inflammation of the arteries and veins in the heart, and programming brain function usually.” on meth.

Meth addiction can lead a person to react violently in case of unavailability of the drug. Therefore, it is better to search for sober living facilities near me and a good therapist if one is planning to get rid of prolonged meth addiction.

3.    Alcohol Abuse

Consuming alcohol is never a problem, but drinking excessive alcohol is not a  good indication. Alcohol is a socially acceptable drug. It is a part of our daily social life. Therefore, it becomes tough to identify if one is an alcoholic or not.

There are few rules one can abide by to ensure that they and their loved ones do not have an alcohol addiction. A common indication of an alcoholic is that they have an excellent alcohol tolerance capacity and can drink more than most people at a social gathering. Second, indications are regular hangovers and constantly thinking about alcohol.

Hard-to-spot alcohol abuse is a hazardous addiction and is hard to get rid of alcohol. The challenge is that alcohol is available everywhere: the house, office, eateries, or even stores.


Other than the drugs mentioned earlier, the other most commonly abused drugs are cocaine and marijuana. Many people are also addicted to prescribed drugs like barbiturates prescribed to fight anxiety and sleep deprivation. Some people are also addicted to painkillers. Addiction and drug abuse are always challenging to get rid of, but adequate therapy sessions and joining sober living for men and women in Lexington, Kentucky, as per need, will help a person get rid of the drug abuse.

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