Top 3 OpenSIPS Development Mistakes That You Should Avoid

Businesses across the world are adapting IP-based communications to enhance their existing system. To fully exploit IP-based communication systems, it is essential to understand their many components. To understand the numerous IP-to-IP calling system components, one must first understand the various VoIP development technologies related to the same. Asterisk, FreeSWITCH, WebRTC, Kamailio, and OpenSIPS Solution are the most frequently used VoIP technologies. The type of VoIP development platform to use will depend on the company and the user’s communication needs. One of the significant components of VoIP setting is OpenSIPS solution development. This article will discuss all OpenSIPS development and the mistakes you should avoid.

What is OpenSIPS?

OpenSIPS (Open Session Initiation Protocol Server) is an open-source SIP platform for IP communication solutions. It is popular for being a feature-rich and adaptable SIP server. As per the OpenSIPs experts, the primary goal behind keeping this VoIP development tool open is to encourage developers to work constructively for its enhancement. Here are some notable features of OpenSIPS Software Development:

● It performs as a load balancer.

● It offers a transitional throughput of tens of thousands of calls per second.

● It has a lot of flexibility for building robust applications.

● It features database operations that are 25% faster.

● It combines video, voice, and chat with the greatest level of efficiency.

● Its modular design makes it incredibly efficient.

OpenSips Mistakes You Should Avoid

The OpenSIPs development allows developers to create powerful platforms for developing numerous types of solutions for the telecom industry. However, you should avoid the following major errors.

Mistake #1: External Dependencies

External Dependencies are the first mistake you should avoid while opting for OpenSIPS solution development. OpenSIPS is a synchronous processing program in general. There are a few things that the OpenSIPS async module is helpful for that aren’t always necessary in a call flow arrangement. For processing initial invitations and calls, you want those packets to pass through those threads and the children as quickly as possible to avoid issues like pile-ups or 100% thread utilization.

Mistake #2: Post-Call Setup

Make as many post-call preparations as you can. That is to say, one of the common mistakes developers make during custom OpenSIPS development is trying to do too much during the call setup procedure. Other events can wait a few milliseconds, seconds, or even longer, depending on your application; they don’t have to happen when you try to process the initial invitation. The first step is to locally cache as many necessary components as possible to set up calls.

Mistake #3: Not Having Enough Backup Data Pipelines

The next OpenSIPS development mistake is not having as many backup data pipelines as you believe you need, based on how vital these pipelines are to your business. Reliable call processing is beneficial because it keeps customers satisfied when things are going well.

But how do you get compensated? How do you keep the lighting in good condition? What if you disconnect, are missing CDRs or system locks, have a trigger, or an incorrectly configured item causing records to skip off the surface? What if something unexpected occurs? Do you know how to close the books at the end of the month properly? To avoid these mistakes, you should choose custom OpenSIPs consulting services for solution development.

Wrapping Up

OpenSIPS solutions powers commercial and residential platforms, enterprises, virtual PBX solutions, session border controllers (SBCs), front-end load balancers, IMS, and contact center platforms. Some sectors that benefit from OpenSIPS solution development are telecommunication operators, VoIP service providers, network operators, and enterprises.

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