Top 4 Related Post Plugins for WordPress

When you post any new blog, you get the reviews very quickly. With regular posts, your blogs overlap each other, and you don’t get as many views on the previous posts as desired. It commonly happens with all the bloggers, and this is where a ‘related post plugin’ helps you out. A related post plugin helps in displaying the related posts under the contents of your recent posts. It shows related posts on the archive pages as well. If you’re a WordPress blogger looking for more views from their audience, then check out the list of best-related post plugins below:

Contextual Related Post

It is the highly-rated plugin that shows you a list of all the related posts on your feed. This plugin automatically generates a list based on the context, title, and contents of your post. All you need to do is install and activate the plugin. It is flexible with its job, and it displays the related posts using any custom block. You can check the posts, pages, custom post types, and attachments directly on your display. It enables the users to edit and extend the codes from your dashboard easily and change the display style.

Related Posts Thumbnails

It allows you to check all the related posts on your display. From the sidebar of your post, page, or website with the help of a custom Gutenberg block, widget, or shortcut, you can find the related post. You can also insert images and video thumbnails for each post. Even if you don’t know how to code, you can freely stylize the lists, but the options are limited. You can also change the background color, texts, font size, and border.

Yet Another Related Post

This plugin is appropriately maintained by the authorities so that it can offer you display pages, posts, related posts, etc. to increase your views. It finds related content from across your site. Using a customizable algorithm, you can look after the post titles, content, tags, categories, and custom taxonomies. Its templating system provides advanced controls to let you decide how your results should be displayed. With YARP’s widgets, you can display the related posts on the sidebar as well. Please make sure you have enough resources to support YARP as it tends to consume a lot of it.

Custom Related Posts

It is a user-friendly plugin through which you can manually add related posts to any of your latest blogs, posts, pages, etc. It offers you complete control over the relevant links. You can determine or choose in which post types the plugin will remain active. It displays related posts with a shortcode, widget, or block. You can choose to display featured images in any size. It is compatible with both the Classic Editor and Gutenberg Block Editor.

As a blogger, you would want your readers to get the maximum benefits of the knowledge you have for them. And, the plugins mentioned above will ensure that all your beneficial posts reach your audience.

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