Top 4 Timeshare Exit Scams to Watch Out For


If you’re stuck in a timeshare and want to get out, you will plan to hire professionals for timeshare cancellation in Florida legally. However, there are exit scams designed to trick unsuspecting timeshare owners into thinking they have options when they don’t—and make them pay expensive fees up front in order to pursue their options later on. It’s important to learn how to avoid timeshare exit scams!

Here are top 4 timeshare exit scams to watch out for.

Number 1: The Law Firm That Says They Provide 100% Guaranteed Timeshare Exit Solution

No one can guarantee your success at getting out of a timeshare unless looked into your specific situation. If any law firm says that they will guarantee timeshare exit solution for 100%, it’s a scam. If you’re scammed by companies that say they can help you cancel your timeshare contract, I have good news for you. The Law Offices of Susan M. Budowski, LLC is a law firm that specializes in timeshare exit and has had great success helping people get out of their timeshares. They will send a skilled timeshare attorney in Florida to your home or business, whether you live in Florida or anywhere else. They also offer free, no-obligation consultation.

Number 2: No Written Contracts

Don’t get caught in an exit scam! Written contracts are a legal mandate for many timeshare products and services in Florida. Only, reputable companies use written contracts that specifically outline the services that will be provided. Also, don’t sign a contract you don’t understand or that is illegal or unenforceable. If it looks like a scam, read twice and make sure there are no written contracts.

No Experience

If you’re struggling with timeshare exit scams, consider using an experienced timeshare lawyers for help. The process of exiting timeshares can be complicated, and those with less experience may struggle with managing fees or understand what legal steps are necessary. This is also a scam when it is comes to timeshare cancelling. Letting an expert handle these details can make all of the difference in recovering your down payment.

No Physical Address

When timeshare law firm don’t have a brick-and-mortar address, it can be a red flag. They often make up excuses for why they are not in a physical location such as we moved and our website isn’t updated yet.

These are all red flags that you are dealing with what is known as an illegal timeshare exit scam. Avoid these at all costs!

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