Top 40+ High DA Forum Posting Sites List (2019)

As you all know that Profile Creation Sites are very important in SEO because by creating a profile for your company or personal use we can get Backlink from it. and Backlink is very important to rank factor for SEO.


What are the benefits of these sites?

Some key benefits you can draw from these sites are – valuable back links, referral traffic, knowledge gain, and reputation build up. Let us talk more about these benefits.

Valuable back links

Forum sites are a good source of quality back links free of cost. When you answer a post you get a back link via the link in your signature. In another way, you can insert your web page link if it is relevant. These back links are generally dofollow. They will give a boost to your domain authority.


Referral Traffic

When users are impressed with your answers, they are likely to visit your site, increasing your web traffic. So, if you post more answers, you will get more traffic.

Knowledge Gain

If you have any query related to any relevant topic, you will get responses from other members of forum sites. Most of the times you will get the right answers. In the same way, other members post queries to get the answers. Such interaction enhances the knowledge of the members.

Reputation Build up

When you regularly help others by correctly answering their queries, you are seen as an expert of a topic. People start believing you. All it means, they follow you on your blog, social media etc.

High DA Forum Posting Sites List

S. No Website DA
1 98
2 98
3 98
4 96
5 95
6 93
7 92
8 91
9 48
10 89
11 88
12 85
13 84
14 83
15 45
16 78
17 76
18 73
19 72
20 72
21 70
22 70
23 67
24 66
25 65
26 64
27 59
28 59
29 58
30 52
31 50
32 50
33 50
34 50
35 47
36 45
37 43
38 43
39 42
40 41
41 40

Summing up forum posting sites

These sites are worth your time as you get so many benefits mentioned above. If you participate in these forums with care, you will get all the benefits and your blog growth rate will improve.

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