Top 5 Alternatives for Google Apps on Android

Google apps are undoubtedly the most used and best apps on Smartphones today. But, if you get bored with using the same Google apps from time to time, you can choose to consider the ideal alternatives. Here are the best Google apps alternatives for Android devices.

                                                                  Google Apps For Android

1. Swiftkey

Gboard app is a stock Android app, which means it comes pre-installed on almost all Android phones. It is an ideal keyboard app, but Swiftkey is one of the best options for you to add more excitement. Swiftkey has been significant competition for the stock Android keyboard app – Gboard. There are several excellent options in Swiftkey, such as clipboard, vertical emojis, and word prediction. However, no emoji search section and cursor control section like Gboard. You can easily download Swiftkey keyboard from the Google Play store.

There are other notable apps – such as Fleksy Keyboard, Ginger Keyboard, TouchPal Keyboard, and Chrooma Keyboard – which are ideal for choosing in place of Gboard app. All the features that Gboard provides are available in these apps, and even additional features are there. You also get various exciting themes and multiple languages in all the of these Gboard alternative apps.

2. Nova Launcher

Google Launcher offers numerous exciting features, such as notification count, resizable icons, and more. Though Nova Launcher is no less than the launcher app being provided by Google. It is one of the most popular and custom launcher app.  Along with all the needed features, this app supports dark mode too. You get the option to change the icon size and space in between as well.

Other outstanding contenders include Microsoft Launcher, Evie Launcher, Action Launcher, and Smart Launcher 3. Even, Microsoft Launcher is emerging as one of the best options. The Continue on PC option and personalized feed makes it different than others.

3. Contacts+

Google Contacts comes with the all basic features required in a contact manager app. But, if you wish to enjoy advanced features like smart contacts, themes, and more, you need to choose an ideal alternative for Google Contacts.  Contacts+ consists of various additional features and is an ideal contact manager app. It is capable of gathering information from different associated services such as Facebook, Google, and more. Even, Contact+ provides smart sorting and sorts the same contacts with ease. This app helps remind birthdays also.

Other than Contact+, you can choose to use Canvey, FullContact Address Book, or Rolo if you want. All these apps come with powerful features and great for use. Go to the Google Play Store app on your Android phone for downloading these alternative contact apps.

4.SMS Organizer

The best part of Android is that you can consider third-party apps for use if you are not satisfied with the stock Android apps. Microsoft brings you SMS Organizer, which comes as a perfect alternative for Google Messages. A lot of outstanding features are available in this smart SMS app, including dark theme, reminders, and glance. It provides different categories like Personal, Promotional, and Transactional, to keep your messages organized.

If we consider other prominent contenders, they are Chomp SMS, Handcent Next SMS, Textra SMS, and Pulse SMS. You get outstanding customization and organization features with these alternative apps. Chomp SMS even lets you schedule SMS accordingly.

5. Mozilla Firefox

Google Chrome is a renowned browser, which offers excellent features. But, it doesn’t support extensions on Android and even hogs memory. You need to choose the Firefox browser as an alternative. It allows you to use extensions and has an excellent user interface altogether. The recent updated Mozilla Firefox version comes with enhanced performance and privacy options.

You can also choose Brave Browser, Microsoft Edge, Opera Browser, or Samsung Internet Browser. Brave Browser provides a default adblocker, which makes it stand out from others. Opera gives excellent competition to Google Chrome too.

All in all, these are a few of the best Google apps alternatives for Android devices to use!

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