Top 5 Dos Of SBI PO Exam

Cracking the SBI PO exam may be a daunting task for some. However, with a perfect timetable in hand, everything is possible! The tips below will help the aspirants top the exam without any hassles. 

A Study Strategy Is A Must

Grasping the syllabus of the SBI PO exam without a proper study strategy is almost next to impossible. Candidates are advised to skim the syllabus before beginning the preparation. Take a glimpse of the topics and create an ideal timetable. Ensure that the timetable includes all the sections and that nothing important is missed. 

Start your studies, at least 6 months before the big day. Last-minute preparation will not help the aspirants gain good scores. Invest some time and figure out an easy study pattern to complete the preparation phase with ease. Stick to the plan made without any deviation to clear the exam with flying colours. 

Always Buy The Right Prep Stuff


Still, confused about what to buy and what not to? This is common when it comes to selecting the study stuff for the SBI PO exam. How will you know which is the most suitable study guide from the hundreds and thousands available in the book store? Only a detailed online search can lead you to the best books and other study materials.

Alternatively, speak to someone who recently gave the exam. Ask them for great referrals to escape the hunt for the study sources. Candidates who find it hard to prepare alone can resort to a renowned bank coaching centre in the city. Some sort of professional aid can boost their preparation. 

Attempt The Mocks


After mastering all the concepts, begin attempting mock exams. Mock tests are almost similar to the actual SBI PO exam. Candidates can figure out the exam pattern and also boost their problem-solving and time-management skills by taking the mocks. Accuracy and efficiency are some of the other facets that can be improved by doing so. 

Check out the websites providing free online mock tests. If in doubt, it is better to seek help from top bank coaching centres for further guidance. Practice as much as you can to excel in the exam.

Keep Revising


Revise every day to retain the crucial concepts for a long time. Candidates who take revision for granted, often have a hard time preparing for the exam. Revision must be included in the timetable made. Start your day by going through the previous day’s topics. However, there is no need to break your head. Simply follow the study plan made to get good results. 

The revision will not take you more than 20 minutes. Have a habit of making short notes of the important principles, theories, and formulae. Think of shortcuts and avoid opting the lengthy methods to solve the questions. 

Stay Focused Throughout


Don’t panic and wreck your preparation. Stress will only mess up what you already learnt. So, try to be calm and focused during the preparation phase. Hard work and perseverance are the key factors that decide a candidate’s success. 

Eat good food and sleep well to refresh your body and mind. Spend some time doing what you like the most and don’t just glue yourself to the books. Candidates who pressurise themselves often struggle to ace the examination. 

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