Top 5 Flowers in Winter Season

Australia is home to some of the most beautiful flowers in the world. No matter which region you belong to, you can feast your eyes on colourful blooms even when it is not springtime! Order winter flowers online and start gardening today!

Winter Flowers in Melbourne

Here are five of the most popular winter flowers that you can lay your hands on at any online florist in Melbourne.

  1. Oriental Lilies: When you are planning to send winter flowers to Melbourne, you cannot do without these pretty blossoms. One of the most popular forms of the true lily, oriental lilies appear with their rigid stems and strappy leaves in the peak of winter. They thrive in cooler climates and can withstand unfavourable soil conditions. They are also least demanding when it comes to their care and maintenance. However, make sure the region is well drained and the bulbs receive adequate sunlight.
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2. Orchids: Australia is home to over a hundred species of orchids. They are extravagantly beautiful and can be taken care of easily. Filtered natural light is ideal for orchids to thrive. Therefore, keep them indoors as too much sunlight could be harsh for them, drying the roots out before their time! They also need air that is gentle in flow and light water at that is not too hot nor too cold.
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 3.Peonies: These delightful blooms grow best under a cool climate. The flowers grow to be quite big, giving out a majestic aura. Their wide array of colours, in white, pink, mauve, also adds to its charm. Place them in the sun without a worry, although you want to protect it from strong winds. Peonies grow well in moist and well-drained soil.
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4.Carnations: Also known as Dianthus, carnations are intricate beauties, carefully crafted by nature. Available in beautiful hues of white, red, pink, lavender and even orange, carnations are ideal for use as home décor during the dreary winter months. They are minimalists when it comes to their demand for water. However, they require a fairly steady supply of air. Mulching can provide further protection during winter.

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   5. Gerberas: Available in shades of pink, white, orange, red or yellow, the tender-looking gerbera daisies are ideal for lighting up your winter day! They need basic maintenance in the cool, winter climate. Mulching is recommended if you want to retain a neat look for the plants.

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