Top 5 ideas to bring a Retro Glam with a Diner Booth in Kitchen

A kitchen is a hub of any home – a space for cooking, entertaining, and gathering. There are several ways to decorate your kitchen space. But the idea of a retro kitchen diner is more than just a simple decoration that brings a smile to everyone’s face. It embraces the vibe of the ’50s and ’70s. A retro diner booth in kitchen coupled with contemporary touches brings a wonderful escape from a dull & mundane appearance. Diner booths are one of the great options for kitchens as they offer extra flexibility & functionality to your space. With vivacious color tone & classic patterns ranging from geometric to unsymmetrical, a retro diner kitchen booth takes you to the nostalgic era. In this article, we will discuss the top 5 retro kitchen booth ideas for seating & dining.


  1. Go for a geometric shape

    One of the best ways to incorporate your retro diner booth into the narrow kitchen space is to select a geometric shape design such as L-shape, square shape, and rectangular shape. If you have more space, you can place retro chairs for extra seating on the exterior portion of the table. Free Standing benches or stools also complement the design.

  2. Select a circular design

    Curvy design works well with retro-style kitchen booths. Curve diner booths bring a very convivial and relaxed vibe. They are perfect for entertaining and offer a private feeling space. With this design, the perception of space is shifted slightly so you may fit more guests as compared to the straight surfaces. Apart from that, curve-shaped retro dining booths are best for conversations and work from home.

  3. Build in storage space

    Try to integrate room for extra storage while remodeling your retro kitchen booth space. If you opt for storage cubbies, select retro-style boxes or baskets to store your favorite items & for a streamlined cohesive space. A kitchen dining booth with storage space is a great choice for families where your family member can use their cubby or basket to store their belongings – whether it’s a toy or spare parts and homework essentials.

  4. Play with the materials

    As a retro kitchen booth is a natural spot of entertainment, you will get an opportunity to play with some vibrant color tones & patterns in the space. Whether you are entirely renovating your kitchen area or remodeling the existing space, try to select a number of decorative materials. Decorative items not only give a cohesive look to your kitchen but also make space practical.

  5. Create a decorative corner

Grab the inspiration from the American diners directly & fit in a bistro seating brightly, vibrant vinyl bench & retro signage. Kitchen booth dining is not all about practicality but it also brings an opportunity to create some different tones that make your space more special. Try to make a simple decorative corner by adding a picture shelf, a gallery wall, souvenirs, and beautiful knick-knacks

Final words

The idea of embracing a retro punch to the existing kitchen space is a little bit more than just replacing a few things within the area. A classic and retro corner diner booth perfectly fits in any kitchen space. Planning to add a diner booth in kitchen? Contact Bars & Booths today. They offer a signature collection of retro dining chairs and tables at the best price.

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