Top 5 Marketing KPIs In A Business Dashboard Software

Tracking how popular something is on social media isn’t always bad, but savvy marketers focus on the KPIs that can be used to improve their business. Instead of getting caught up in the buzz of feel-good metrics, they focus on KPIs in a business dashboard software that provides bottom-line results through actions and drives marketing performance.

They ask themselves, ‘Does this metric make me take action and make decisions?’ If not, it wouldn’t be worth my time.

What KPIs to look for in a marketing dashboard?

  1. Customer Lifetime Value

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) may be the most important Key Performance Indicator (KPI) for understanding customers and making decisions as a marketer to get and keep customers. In marketing, the best dashboard software should place more value on it. Such as deciding the marketing budget for customers.

  1. Leads

This KPI is about as simple as it gets, but it may also be the most misunderstood. The more leads you acquire from marketing, the more likely you will make more money.

Leads are as important to sales as water is to plants, but the number is often seen as the most important sign.

Marketing = the number of leads it brings in * x = success.

This formula seems wrong at its core because getting leads is easy as long as your definition is open. Not all leads are the same. Focusing on Sales Qualified Leads (SQL) instead of Marketing Qualified Leads as the measure of marketing success will help find and talk to customers who are more likely to buy.

Dashboard Business Intelligence is all about scrapping the most crucial metrics of all. Leads are no doubt one of them.

3. Conversions on the homepage

Most of the time, conversion rates look at the total number of visitors to your whole website. This is an excellent way to look at content as a whole, but it can give you a false sense of success, especially on websites with a lot of content. Your homepage is your primary sales pitch. In almost all cases, they are also the landing page with the highest rank, meaning that most people go there.

This key indicator in marketing business dashboard software is essential not only for getting the most leads in the shortest amount of time but also for figuring out if your pitch is in line with what the visitor wants or needs.

4. Online ROI

Marketing is an investment, so the marketing budget is continually being looked at to see if it will bring in the money it is supposed to. When tracking online ROI, a lot of data and tools can be used to quickly evaluate how well online ads are doing across a wide range of search engines and social media channels.

Best data dashboard software should capitalize on tracking ROI to decide which channels need improvement. Then, you can take steps to increase or decrease budgets so that the online ROI goes up.

5. Organic Search

Organic SEO is a task that is always going on and changing. These processes bring people to your site who use a search engine to look for your product or service because they need it. Organic search visitors aren’t directly related to advertising costs because they didn’t come through a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) system.

Organic searchers should, without a doubt, be part of marketing or business dashboard software. They also make up the majority of your site’s visitors. It makes sense to focus on improving organic search performance, not only because it is the most cost-effective way to get potential customers to buy but also because it is the best way that makes people buy.

Closing Words-

The era of the data boom led to vanity metrics. Metrics are now in the form that makes marketers happy and impresses execs.

Unfortunately, they fail to provide meaningful insights into the marketing function’s success. The above metrics are chosen out of the lot for a marketing dashboard to be a hit.

Grow’s business dashboard software can come in handy for storing, processing, and visualizing data for your marketing teams. To better understand the KPIs important to marketing, read Grow features & capabilities GetApp to delve into the world of data and precision.

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