Top 5 Moissanite Rings for 2022

Are you planning to surprise your significant other this year? Ring shopping can be a little confusing with all the different gems, cuts, shapes, and metals you have to choose from. Not to mention, keeping it all a secret is the most challenging part of the job. But luckily, you can easily buy round-cut moissanite engagement rings online.


The best moissanite engagement rings to watch out for in 2022

  • Round-cut moissanite engagement rings

You can never go wrong with the classics; round-cut gems are as traditional as you can get. According to professional diamond cutters, the round cut highlights the ideal angles for a stone to produce the highest level of brilliance and fire.

Generally, round-cut gems have around 58 facets, allowing for the maximum reflection of light. In addition, these rings offer more flexibility than other shapes and suit almost any setting and style.

  • Princess cut moissanite engagement rings-

Not a big fan of round-cut gems? If you prefer straighter angles and a squared-off look, princess-cut moissanite rings are your best option. They offer almost the same brilliance as round-cut rings for a much lower price.

Princess cut rings give off a more modern, sleeker feel; however, they still work great for all types of settings.

  • Cushion cut moissanite engagement rings

Can’t choose between the round-cut and the princess cut? Maybe you should consider a third option: the cushion cut. First created in the 1800s, the cushion cut is the result of early technology that could not produce something as precise as the round cut. As a result, this shape is squarer, like the princess cut, but it also has rounded edges, similar to the round cut.

  • Pear cut moissanite engagement rings

Even though they are the oldest of the five on this list, pear-cut rings have steadily stood the test of time. If you’re looking for a unique yet classical shape, this is the way to go.

Pear cut rings are ideal for wearers with shorter fingers and are more affordable compared to other shapes.

  • Radiant cut moissanite engagement rings

It’s all in the name—radiant cut rings exhibit an elegant brilliance you won’t see anywhere else. At first glance, they look almost square, like princess cut rings; however, the radiant cut does not have pointed edges. As a result, it is less prone to breakage.


What’s the perfect ring to cap off your big surprise of the year? If you’re looking for a round-cut moissanite engagement ring, purchase it from experienced and passionate jewelers online.


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