Top 5 Nekopara Figures to buy online

Nekopara is a series of visual novels for adults based on a world where catgirls exist alongside humans. The humans in this world can even keep them as pets. There are games developed based on these characters. The admirers feel enthusiastic to collect Nekopara Figure based on these characters. Here is a list of characters you can consider to make your own collection.

Top 5 Nekopara figures for collection

  1.     Pop Up Parade Maple Nekopara

This is an edition of the Maple Nekopara Figure in her Patisserie La Soleil uniform with the cutest look you can find in the online universe. It is a 17-18 cm figurine you need to add to your collection.

  1.     Coconut Nekopara

The impressive Coconut in her S-style figure cladding a swimsuit is the youngest among the Minaduki catgirls. What else do you need to seek admiration from your Nekopara gang? This 1/12 figurine is one of a kind as it has anemone flower decoration on her swimsuit making her beautiful expression more attractive.

  1.     Chocola Chinese Dress Version Nekopara

This Nekopara Figure comes in a 1/7th scale with a purple dress color palette. The beautiful presentation of the youngest twin among the Minaduki catgirls comes in a stunning outfit. It also comes with attachment parts that can be fun to assemble.

  1.     Nekopara Vanilla

This is also a 1/7th scale Nekopara figurine with a beautiful blue Chinese dress. Her majestic and stylish hair and her second-to-none expression make this figure a must add to your collection. This figurine also comes with assembling parts.

  1.     Vanilla and Chocola set

This is a rare Nekopara Figure that comes in a set of Vanilla and Chocola. They both are in a playful mood that makes this figurine one of a kind

These are the Nekopara Figure options you can start your collection with.


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