Top 5 Performance Testing Challenges with Solutions

Performing a quality check on an application is vital if you aim to deliver a perfect product. However, there are a few challenges that one might come across while conducting performance testing.

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Application crashes while making a payment or being unable to log in are the most pathetic statements one can hear for their software application. Bringing a new application to the market is a big deal, but as much a proud moment as it is when the application is launched, multiple critical moments come before the final launch.

An application can crash for many reasons, and thus, quality assurance is vital to make sure bugs are detected on time to avoid such failures. Performance testing shows the application’s speed, responsiveness to varying loads, and operational capabilities. Hence, performance testing is also called load testing.

Performance testing is executed at the final stages of the software development life cycle and is essential for bringing an excellent product to the market. However, performance testing has its fair share of challenges, and this blog highlights these challenges and provides solutions for the same.


Insufficient knowledge of SDLC

Having insufficient knowledge of various aspects of the software development life cycle can result in many obstacles. As an illustration, being a part of the software development life cycle yet not understanding the importance of performance testing services.

In many real-life scenarios, stakeholders do not consider performance testing a crucial step in SDLC, which becomes a challenge in executing performance tests.


QA is a comprehensive and complicated domain, and we cannot expect everybody involved in QA to know everything in detail about every part of quality assurance. Thus, the best way to overcome this obstacle is to let the experts play their game by their rules and avail of performance testing services from an outsourced QA agency.


Imperfect Plan

Imperfect plans are not leading you anywhere. To understand the performance of an app, its speed, responsiveness, reaction to the user interface, and other aspects of the application need a strategic roadmap. Without a well-designed plan between the developers and testers, the desired performance test results cannot be achieved.


A strategic approach for testing can help all the testers and developers wither their performance test execution and enable them to extract results that help deliver seamless applications. Firstly, the team should be well aware of the outline and features of the application to develop a strategic plan of action that covers every element of the application. Secondly, all the metrics of the application should be tested.


Shortage of Resources and Time

To release the product in the market as quickly as possible, the DevOps team often oversee the necessity of load testing. On the other hand, in case of a shortage of resources or budget, they do the same. Thus, the time measured for SDLC is miscalculated owing to the missing steps.


Performance testing should be considered a vital part of the SDLC, and prudent budget and resources should be allotted to it in the initial phase itself. Thus, the time calculated will be accurate when the time allotted to performance testing is also calculated.


Utilising Inaccurate Tools for Testing

Selecting the right tools for testing is an important step because using the wrong testing tools will waste time and resources. Factors such as the team’s skills, features of the application, and the licence’s cost determine the means to be used in the testing process.


The QA team should be well-versed with the various tools available for performance tests and well-acquainted with the application and its functionality.


Misinterpreting Results

The primary focus of load testing is to enable the teams to analyse the app’s functionality. Thus, misinterpreted analysis of these tests can result in the performance failure of the application. Inappropriate results will defeat the test’s purpose, leading to the launching an incapable application in the market.


The experts are the ones who can be completely trusted with the analysis of the tests. They know what the consumer is looking for and how to achieve it from the application. Thus, availing of performance testing services from an outsourced QA Company, which can perform a wide range of tests, act as per the needs, and understand the complexity of the application, is an excellent way to ensure that the performance testing is done well.

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