Top 5 places to visit in Bangladesh for couples

Bangladesh is an affordable country with some majestic places to visit. If you’ve been to Bangladesh or are planning to visit, make sure you visit these places. Missing these splendid places would be somewhat like visiting India without enjoying the Taj Mahal.

I’ve curated a list of places you can adjust in your itinerary if you’re planning to visit anytime soon or in your bucket list.


  1. Sundarbans Mangrove forest

Sundarbans, which means beautiful, is the largest mangrove forest on earth—shared by two neighbouring countries- Bangladesh and India, where a majority of the forest exists in Bangladesh. You must have seen plenty of movies are shot in this beautiful dense forest. It is known for its Royal Bengal Tigers and other wildlife. Visiting this forest is once in a lifetime experience, and that justifies the reason for being the best place to visit in Bangladesh.


  1. Cox Bazar

This seaside town is located in the Chittagong Division. Also known by the name of Panowa, which means yellow flower. It is natural 125 kilometres long sea-beach which is quite a popular tourist spot. The best way to end a long trip is by visiting this magnificent seashore.


  1. Sylhet

Sylhet is the largest city of Sylhet Divison of Bangladesh with a population of more than 5,00,000 residents. It is a spectacular place to visit in the north-eastern part, close to the Meghalaya state of India. Green-water canal Lalakhal, Ratargul swamp forest, tea gardens and a lot more attractions making Sylhet a popular tourist destination. You can also find lots of good couple hotels in Sylhet, making your stay a lot more unique.


  1. Saint Martin

Saint Martin covers about 8 square kilometres of land area. It is the only coral island in Bangladesh. Despite being a small island, it shows a huge footfall of tourist. It was earlier named as Zajira by unknown Arabian sailors. You can enjoy activities like fishing, walk by the beach, scuba diving and a lot more.


  1. Chittagong

Being home to many tribal groups of Bangladesh, Chittagong Hill-Tracts is a beautiful place surrounded by hills. Trekking deep inside the mountains can be one cherish-able experience; all you need to do is to take permission from the local authority. It has the most beautiful river in Bangladesh called the Sangu river. A boat ride amidst the tranquillity can be a great experience.


The best factor of visit Bangladesh is that it won’t be crowded during any season. If you’re looking for a relaxing vacation, I would suggest you to book a resort or hotel in Sylhet. You’ll find resorts providing the finest hospitality, making your vacation tranquillizing.


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