Top 5 Products to Import from China to India

The word “import” stands for goods or services import from an outside country to your home country. It is a well-known fact that India is one of the biggest importers of products from China. The import market of China to India plays a pivotal role in the economic growth of the country. Every year, the import process between the two nations is of billions of dollars. From manufacturing point of view, China enjoys a few advantages over other countries such as cheap manual labour, skilled workers, strong government support, financial stability and strength, and easy import-export policy. If you are thinking to start a business in India, Chinese products can import by the help of a leading China sourcing agent in Delhi.


China has a big market for toys at wholesale rates. You can order classic toys like cars, balls, and plush animals. These classic toys have stable demand every year. Business owners can sell them without much effort. Besides these toys, some innovative hot selling toys of China are remote control cars, toy figures, leaning and educational toys, baby toys and puzzle games. Chinghai, Guangdong province is the top destination in China for toy business.

Kitchen Utensils

You often come across videos on smart kitchen hacks. Most of the kitchen products that you see in these videos are Chinese. China is famous for offering smart kitchen utensils to save and manage time. The profit margin on these products is higher. Some top kitchen products are glass containers, coffee mugs, garlic graters and bone China crockery to name a few.


China is one of the biggest producers of lingerie. These products are imported from China to India in bulk at lower shipping costs. Since, India has a large middle class population, cheap Chinese lingerie is in demand in the county. Moreover, Chinese lingerie is fashionable and Indian women are willing to adapt to new lingerie trends.

Mobile Phones

It seems that China has read the mind of Indians when it comes selling mobile phones. Many Chinese companies like Xiaomi, OnePlus, Vivo, and Oppo have launched mobiles phones with multiple features at attractive prices. These phones are handy, lightweight, classy, and have amazing features. Chinese mobile phones have captures the Indian market.


Beauty care products of China are available at cheaper rates in India. They attract middle class of India. Some top selling beauty products from China to India are nail polish, nail stamp, wig, and perfume.

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