Top 5 Reasons to choose WordPress CMS.

WordPress in 2022 is the most well know CMS around the entire globe. But before going further, let us first get to the point that what CMS is, CMS is a Content Management System that is used to manage online content and create and modify it without many technicalities. If you put it in simple terms, you can just install certain plugins and install the website or do changes to it.

WordPress As A CMS

WordPress is the most popular CMS globally, with over 8 million websites hosted on WordPress. Most of the personal blogs & websites are on WordPress. You might have heard about it from someone in your work environment. Plenty of reasons are about the freemium model and a wide range of themes, plugins, and layouts. The WordPress platform is used for creating any website. For eCommerce store development, website development agencies prefer the WordPress platform. On other platforms, one needs to program the website in HTML code, but in the case of WordPress, most of the work can be done with the help of simple plugins and themes only. You can migrate your website to WordPress. You can use WordPress migration services provided by WordPress development companies. Plus, It has a very passionate and super active community at the back. Its Flexibility & user experience became the strong point behind its super success.

Some old-school professionals vouch for other platforms and not WordPress for use as CMS. But WordPress comes above all of them due to apparent reasons. We will show why it is the best CMS & everything you are looking for in a CMS. Wordpess converter is the best WordPress development company in India. It provides WordPress migration services and WordPress development services.

Best CMS SEO:-

WordPress is touted as the best CMS. In WordPress, you can edit any link which is on your website. Instead of having a very long and ugly link, you can have a link created by you. With this, you can easily plug your keyword in the permalink. It will help you rank better and have the upper hand over other CMS in this feature.

Apart from that, it comes with access to several plugins for SEO. Those are easy to set up and easy-to-use plugins. One doesn’t need a professional for simple SEO work. The SEO plugins help even while creating posts with suggestions to improve the SEO part, which is missing in other CMS where doing so is a very complex situation.

Faster Load Times:-

WordPress CMS load faster than other CMS available. Page Speed is a very major factor in SEO. It helps in google ranking too. It is also a bad experience for a user if the site is slower than usual. Plus, Due to the Plugins available to help you achieve that. There are plugins for Image optimization, Image tagging, and many other Plugins to achieve that. The average user has a very short attention span & the website should load fast enough so that the user stays on it more and interact with the website.

The Page speed then also has better SERP, and the website would rank better for the keywords present on the page or website that is loading fast. SO in that way, It helps in SEO purposes here too.

Easy Integration with Software:-

According to expert WordPress development companies, the WordPress CMS works well, integrating with several other software. Landing page software, ads plugin, and email services are easily connectable to another service. It’s a very easy plug-and-play kind of situation in the WordPress CMS. When connecting to google analytics on a coded website, one has to put that in the code. For that, they need to put the snippet in the website’s code. Here it is done easily with the WordPress editor. We don’t need to go into the full code. It has a simplistic type of interface. Due to that, it is a very smooth process while doing so.

A WordPress CMS is fully customizable and easy to integrate with software or services you anyway. Zapier is a service that lets your WordPress have automation and has over 4000+ apps using that. It is very easy compared to a coded website to create landing pages or run campaigns for a WordPress website. That one saves enough time on things that need more attention, like creating content and developing marketing techniques for their business.

Strong Support Team:-

WordPress has a very talented vig team of developers behind the scene. There is a very big community of them. It is free of cost and is a very responsive community. There is a forum where you can put your query, which will then be seen by a developer and resolved within a very short period. The availability of such quick support is very rare for a freemium-based model. This makes it more desirable to be used as a website builder. Due to that, it is very easy and hassle-free to get rid of bugs or issues that happen and are most likely taken care of by troubleshooting only.

Responsiveness & Adaptability :-

According to expert WordPress development companies, WordPress CMS is device friendly type of CMS. It works well on any device, be it a computer or a Mobile device. Mobile optimization reaches a certain group of people who only use the internet. Nearly half of Internet users worldwide use Mobile devices to get to a website. In that case, it is critical to have a website that is well optimized with touch devices.

The user experience is the first factor to keep in mind when building a website. It should be easy and fun to navigate through the website. WordPress does all of that with so much ease with its wide variety of themes and plugins. Elementor is number 1 when it comes to creating a WordPress website.

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