Top 5 Reasons Why Leggings are Better than Jeans

Natural Yoga LeggingsAre you wondering what pair of bottoms to purchase or style with your go-to casual outfit? Are you stuck between leggings or jeans? We’re here to advocate for your favorite pair of leggings all the way.

Leggings are much better than jeans in our books. We know you need a bit more convincing, so we present you with the following reasons why leggings are better than jeans.

Maximum Comfort

There’s nothing like stepping into a pair of stretchy, comfy fabric with leggings. Manufacturers produce high waisted workout leggings to be like a second skin, and every single one is soft and snug! We can thank the usual material for it – such as polyester, cotton, nylon, and spandex blends.

Recent innovations also make leggings the comfiest pieces of clothing you can own. Elastic waistbands make sure nothing digs into your skin, and different designs ensure you’re getting what you need.


Leopard Leggings


Some leggings even incorporate pockets! Seamless leggings are great for being comfy, too.

Leggings also make sure your skin breathes despite being covered. It doesn’t chafe, either – unlike the type of annoying chafing we can get from denim jeans.

A bonus is some leggings’ thermoregulation properties. Whether you want to keep yourself warm or cool, there are leggings out there that can offer you both.

Versatility – Any Occasion at Any Time

There’s no event you can pop up to these days where leggings will incite questions. Well, technically, there have been controversies over the years, but they’re isolated compared to the number of places you see leggings in the crowd.

If you’re staying at home and want something comfortable, change into your favorite leggings. Whether you’re lounging around, cooking, or staying at your desk to study, leggings will always be a good pick.

Going to the gym, or want to get a meditation session in? You can change into leggings.

Have you got a brunch date with friends? Wear sneakers and throw a loose blouse and cardigan over your favorite pair. Dinner dates work, too! Get a leather jacket and some boots. You’re good to go.

If styled correctly, and depending on your workplace’s dress code, leggings would form a dressy look. If you want to maximize your summer dresses and skirts, you can look into leggings that you can wear underneath them!

Jeans, however, are limited. Due to its material, it’s not as comfortable to wear around at home. Exercising is hard with jeans, too – can you imagine the chafing and heat bound to happen?

One thing it’s great for is the casual styles you can do with it. However, it doesn’t have the same range leggings do.

The Best Support

Leggings don’t just hug your body well. They support it, too! Compression leggings do it best with this criteria, though most leggings already do their part by shaping themselves around your muscles.

The snug fit plus the compression fabric means more pressure applied to your muscles. This gentle pressure improves oxygen and blood flow. It reduces muscle fatigue and prevents exercise strain, as well!

Aside from strategic compression, many leggings are also sweat-wicking and anti-bacterial. These features save you a lot of uncomfortable moments and odor issues with your clothes.

So while leggings already support you while wearing them, they also provide a lot of benefits after you do! They don’t just have health benefits, either, but style benefits too!

High waists are also available for those who like a slimming, fashionable effect with their leggings. We love crop tops and tank tops with them. Sculpting leggings provide support while shaping the curves on your body.

Meanwhile, support with jeans is almost entirely unheard of in comparison to leggings. Leggings don’t even have to compete with jeans here – they succeed as they are.

Freedom of Motion

There are no constraints in movement with leggings. Instead, you have a freer range of motion with it.

Most leggings go through the “squat-proof” test to figure out if the leggings will budge or not while you’re moving around. This free range of motion is the standard with leggings: you’re so free to move around you don’t even realize you’re wearing them.

Leggings, after all, are mainly for exercise wear. You don’t want anything hanging about or restraining you when you’re doing intense exercises! You want to move, stretch, lift, and squat without any problem.

However, if you aren’t that active, the free range of motion adds to the comfort.

Being able to move how you like around home or during social gatherings is quite a feat.

In comparison, jeans are stiff and can reduce your range of motion.

Even tightly fit skinny jeans that you’d expect to help your movement only makes you even more uncomfortable. Jeans can also shrink, making them even more unfit to wear – all of a sudden, those jeans aren’t your size anymore!

Eye-catching Fashion and Style

Both leggings and jeans have a wide range of styles. At first glance, jeans could win this criterion. Acid-washed, distressed, and ripped jeans have been in and out of fashion trends for a long while. Many associate low-rise and high-rise jeans with different fashion eras and subcultures.

We have to count in the amount of “cuts” jeans have as well. Skinny, slim, relaxed, loose, bootcut, flared – the list goes on and on. Different colors are available as well.

But leggings have all of these features and more. “Jeggings,” like leggings that looked like jeans, were a thing at one point. While the denim look is tempting, it’s easily replicated in leggings.

Prints, colors, and different styles are available with leggings. If you don’t want regular prints and solid colors, there are gradient looks, mesh, cut-out sections, as well as faux leather.

Different cut styles are also available with leggings. From bootcut, flared, to Capri, leggings have it all.


From comfort to style, leggings win in every category. There isn’t anything jeans offer that leggings can trump. If you’re unsure how to style your leggings, there are always outfit ideas and style guides online.

We hope this list of reasons helped with convincing you that leggings are better than jeans! If you have other opinions, comments, or concerns, you can leave a comment below.

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