Top 5 Reputation Management Companies In India That You Must Know About

Online reputation management (ORM) has become an integral part of brands and products across the country. To build a solid pool of consumers and for long term sustainability, managing repute online is a big challenge. In such scenarios, reputation management firms play a vital role in maintaining an online image and creating a trustworthy pool of customers. Through corporate affairs programmes, they monitor all the feedback, ensure acceleration of positive words and eradicate negativity as soon as it is visible on screen. They also communicate with customers who are not satisfied with the services and are filing complains about the product or services on various blogs and discussion threads.

The dynamics of a business is changing rapidly. With the introduction of high-speed internet, the potential and existing pool of consumers have a tool, through which they express themselves on various social media platforms and discussion threads. For example, most people look for reviews online and understand the brand before purchasing a product.

Therefore, managing the repute of a brand is highly important, so as to achieve successful results. For this, repute managing companies play a vital role as they help in formulating public perception in an ethical manner, thus, boosting the sales. Besides, they also form a substantial pool of people who either consume the product or promote it via other mediums.

If you’re looking for a reputation management company in India, here are the top five to know about.

Ignyte: Ignyte is a digital consulting company that plays a significant role in shaping both, big and small companies. They have expertise in fields such as financial services, healthcare, logistics, public sectors and more. In some recent rankings by agencies, they have secured one of the top positions. Their services include Data visualisation and Analytics, UI design and branding and IT sourcing among others.

Nikulsan : Nikulsan is one that has expertise in a wide range of industries that include IT, marketing, real estate, healthcare and more. They are known for offering integrated solutions in communication and marketing. In the past, they have built many brands and offer services that include UI & UX, Market Research, Seed Idea/Strategy, Media Selection, SEO, ORM, Designing and many more.

Astrum: Astrum is one of the pioneers among the other firms on the list. It’s a reputation management company in India that believes in science-based repute management that helps shape public opinion ethically, whether it’s politics or corporate affairs. With a layered approach towards developing an effective strategy, the experts work together and build campaigns that have proved to work really well for their clients in the past. Besides working with brands and companies, Astrum also works with senior political leaders and helps them connect with their voters, that helps leaders achieve their votes.

Brand Yourself: Brand Yourself is one of its kind initiatives, which makes it a little different from other agencies. They enable clients to manage the reputation themselves through sound guidance in its entire process, instead of doing it on their own. Their services include Progress Reporting, Reputation Strategy, Content Promotion, Optimizing Reputation and more.

GeeksChip : GeeksChip is a digital agency based in Hyderabad which is known for making brands out of nothing. They offer a range of services which includes SEO, SMM, PPC, DM, ORM and Web Design services. They have a highly talented technical team that makes them stand out from the rest.

So, now that you know how corporate affairs programmes work, and the companies that offer such services, it’s time you take repute management seriously and reach out to a firm if needed.

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