Top 5 Tips for Buying Used Forklifts for Sale

Buying a forklift helps your crew in many ways. It boosts productivity, ensures faster lifting processes, and makes it possible for your crew to take on more tasks with ease. However, buying one can slaughter your capital if you’re not careful. One way to work around the high cost of brand-new forklifts is to pick a used option. If you’re buying a second-hand forklift for the first time, here are a few tips to help you out.

Is it Available?

Before you go ahead and buy a unit, make sure it’s available, The Fabricator says. Start by knowing what you want. If you have models in mind, you can check for them online. Pay a visit to trusted forklift distributors or sellers and take a long look at the used forklift for sale.

Think About Your Project

What projects or applications do you have in mind? Are you buying the right forklift for that? Be careful not to lose sight of that. Don’t be tempted into buying a basic, no-frills forklift with a lower price tag if you know that you need a unit with specialized features. Also, pay attention to the features of the machine, the Fork Lift Truck Association. How small should it be? If you’re using it indoors, you’ll need to find one that will fit into your warehouse aisles without any problems. If you’re using it outdoors, for construction projects, you may need to check out bigger forklifts.

Perform a Visual Check

Wear and tear happen over time. You’ll want to look out for those signs when you shop around for a used forklift. Go over the machine. Is there rust? Are there any indications of severe damage? The unit doesn’t need to look new. But it needs to be in excellent working condition before you buy it. If there’s an underlying fault—a major issue such as a fluid leak or cracks—you may need to consider other options. Look out for any signs that tell you the equipment is already on its last legs. If that’s the case, check out other items and sellers.

Test It Out

When you shop for a vehicle, you want to make sure you take it out for a spin. Even if it handles turns like a dream, make sure you keep an eye out for potential issues. For instance, is it too big or not big enough? Do you have ample legroom? If you plan to buy an engine-powered forklift, make sure it starts from cold. If you the engine is already warm, that can hide a multitude of problems. Let the seller know beforehand about that condition, so you can take the truck out for a test drive.

Look for the CE Mark

Save yourself from buying a rogue import by ensuring that the equipment has a genuine CE mark. Ask for the CE certificate as well. All these mean that you’re not buying a dicey import, so you won’t need to worry about being unable to source parts for the truck when repairs and replacements become necessary. If you’re in doubt, research your options thoroughly.

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