Top 5 Twitter Tools For Discovering Best Tweets

Twitter is one of the most used and great social media platforms overall. There are a lot of tweets that make your day. You can make sure that you don’t miss out with the best tweets from time to time by using the dedicated tools.


Getting the Twitter Email Digest

You can directly get the best tweets in your inbox if you don’t get much time to use the app regularly. Set up the Twitter email digest and you are ready to go. Here’s the process:

  1. Sign in to your Twitter profile and click on the Email Notifications option from Settings.
  2. Find the section that shows ‘Activity about your network’. Click on the Top Tweets and Stories box right next to ‘Email you with.’
  3. You can even manage how often you want the email. The available option in the drop-drop menu will be sent daily, weekly, or periodically. Choose the ideal option accordingly.

However, you will get the tweets and other associated things by only the accounts you are following on Twitter. You need to not confuse with the trending tweets of the week on the platform. It is not possible to customize the email digest directly from Twitter, but you can use the third-party apps for the same. Let’s have a look at the best few apps.

  1. Ketchup

Some users present all of their thoughts on Twitter, while some choose to tweet from time to time. If you don’t want to miss the best tweets, Ketchup will help you with that. It allows you to create custom Twitter email digests. Even if you are not following anyone on Twitter or use Twitter, you can create a customized feed for yourself.

There is an option to choose how often you want the email digest. Choose the time accordingly, and you will get the personalized content according to the selected time. It is no less than an advanced email digest version of Twitter. Install the Chrome extension for ideally using it.

  1. Twubbler

If you want to see how your friend’s or any other user’s Twitter timeline looks like, Twubble is the perfect solution for you. It shows all the following users list of the select person and much more related to their Twitter account. For using Twubbler, you will have to log in first, then provide the account of the user, and hit the Create List at last. You get the option to make a list private, which lets only you see the list. There is even an option to exclude mutual account that both you and other person follow. After creating the list, open it on Twitter. You will be able to see how their profile looks like and see things from their perspective.

  1. Funny Tweeter

Twitter is full of everything. You can find an interesting conversation between two big celebrities, news, and regular tweets from users. There are people who like reading funny and entertaining tweets only on Twitter. If you are also one of them, you can use Funny Tweeter for curating the funniest tweets for you. There is a dedicated website of Funny Tweeter, where you can easily access the funniest tweets without using a dedicated Twitter account.

Even you can like or retweet them by signing in. You will find a lot of jokes and humorous content on it.

All the funny tweets that went viral over the past few days are shown on it, unlike aggregators who offer content from a few selected user only from time to time.

  1. Thread Reader

Reading the tweets threads on Twitter isn’t that great experience. But you can give attention to each tweet ideally from any thread with the use of Thread Reader. The Thread Reader app is one of the best apps for reading threads and tweetstorms. If you wish to use it, you will have to follow its dedicated Twitter account first and then reply to the word ‘unroll’ to any of its tweets. You can then read all the tweets as an article, having everything from pictures to videos to GIF ideally.

For betterment, even you get the option to bookmark it for reading offline. The Threader app is also an ideal alternative. It also works in the same way and provides the same service.

  1. Really Good Questions

If you are curious about various things and topics, Really Good Questions or RGQ is made especially for you. It comes as a weekly newsletter that consists of multiple tweets that are destined to drive curiosity and engage your mind. A lot of knowledge you can gain using it. Go to the homepage of RGQ to know entirely about it.

Hence, these are the best Twitter tools for you!

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