Top 6 things to do in Sylhet

Sylhet is in the north-eastern division in Bangladesh, about 250 kilometres from the capital Dhaka. It is surrounded by India with borders cross in North, East, and South. The city is mainly known for its Sufi shrines.



Today I’ll list down top 6 things to do in Sylhet

  1. Ratargul Swamp Forest

Ratargul Swamp forest ride is the quietest ride to experience. Also known as Sundarban of Sylhet is a freshwater swamp forest amidst submerged trees during monsoon season. The alluring mangroves are a restricted area where you can spot endemic species of wildlife. You can also find hiking trails and a watchtower which you can climb.


  1. Sip 7-layer tea

Sounds fascinating? Indeed it is. Ask the locals for the right direction to the famous 7-layer tea shop. The tea is also called Rainbow tea or Saat Rong Cha which is made of seven different teas which are black, milk, ginger, lemongrass, sugar, and secret ingredients.


  1. Lala khal Tea Gardens

One of the most prominent places to visit when you are in Sylhet is tea plantations. You’ll find plenty of tea gardens around, but Lala khal Tea gardens are most beautiful. To reach here, you need to take a little boat trip across the river. You can wander your way to the tea gardens and can explore hidden local villages in the hills.


  1. Boat ride

When you are in Sylhet, the most relaxing things to do is to sit on the riverbanks or even better; you can take a boat ride. You’ll find plenty of rivers flowing through the country giving lots of opportunities to hop on a boat.


  1. Visit Nazimgarh Resorts

I came across this resort, and I am glad that I did. Nazimgarh Resorts has two resorts near Sylhet. Garden Resort and Wilderness Resort, will make your stay in the Sylhet city a lot more special with their top-notch services and accommodation. Wilderness is situated in Lala Khal which is also known for its tea gardens.


  1. Visiting Khasi Tribe

Did you know about an indigenous tribe ruled by a woman? Yes, it exists. Khasi tribe is an ethnic group located in North-eastern India and in certain parts of Bangladesh. Try their ethnic clothes and click a picture for the gram.


In Sylhet you’ll find plenty of places to explore, it won’t ever bore you. For a comfortable vacation, you can find resort in Sylhet city for a lot more relaxation and fun.

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